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  1. Bailey is a moron. His constant fretting about raising rates will see the £ devalued and seeing as we import most things, inflation get worse so he will eventually be forced to follow the FED as the BOE has done for the last 30 years anyway. If the FED actually does start raising rates aggressively, which remains to be seen, Bailey and the clowns at the BOE wont have any real choice but to follow.
  2. Ha ha. Brilliant, thank you. Valiany88 you have been busted you sad spiv slag.
  3. Not interested. I called you out for making a false and misleading statement and disingenuously attempting to proport this statement was a finding within a scientific document you linked and attempted to partially quote. You have been outed. Explain yourself.
  4. You conveniently omitted to quote the sentence which followed what you quoted: "Depending on the Delta VE estimates used (10), these estimates translate into Omicron VE estimates of between 0% and 20% PD2 and between 55% and 80% PD3 against Omicron, consistent with other estimates (11)" You stated ""The triple jabbed are 4 times as likely to get symptomatic Omicron compared to the double jabbed." Which is complete and utter BS. Yes, I have had my booster last Wednesday. BioNTech Pfizer and have had two BioNTech Pfizer previously. Based on the data, I should shortly attain a vaccine efficacy of between 55% and 80% in respect of Omicron. Data from South Africa showed around 70% VE in respect of BioNTech Pfizer.
  5. You are being purposefully misleading and trying to fear monger. That is emphatically not what that report is saying, even what you have quoted is not saying this at all and I am calling you out on it.
  6. Thats the question. What is a fair price. I think we are seeing the start of something serious now, hence the Bankrupt of England talking about relaxing lending criteria to the Topygraph earlier this week. This is, unfortunately a new paradigm in terms of a prolonged era of interest rates way lower than inflation as the West tries to buy itself time to work out how it is going to keep it's standard of living in the light of real globalisation. Fair price? I dont know, but the old rules are now out the window. I hate to say it, having been a member here since 2005, but I would buy if prices dropped 15%. If we were in a normal world, they would need to drop 50%.
  7. The FED have not announced anything meaningful though. What they have said is that the "minimum amount they will purchase" will decrease, which is essentially meaningless. Smoke and mirrors.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10077331/Lord-Heseltine-warns-UK-facing-nasty-situation-winter.html This being reported all over Sky, on LBC and elsewhere.
  9. Excellent. When the last bear turns bull ....... I now believe there will be a crash within months.
  10. GettingBored, just stumbled upon this but not had the time to get properly up to speed with the thread. Get enough from what I have seen scanning this page to know I have to come back and check it out.
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