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  1. Sounds good . . . . for the countries that will be designing, developing, testing and manufacturing the vehicles. We could never catch up with the likes of Germany who have continually invested over several decades in their car industry, technology, research and development infrastructure, manufacturing facilities. We have also lost a huge amount of the required skills as we moved over to the service rentier economy. Go and look at many of what were our car manufacturing and development sites. You will find flats and retail parks. Its OK though, cos we can buy and install lamp posts, which will likely also be foreign designed, tested and manufactured.
  2. bubbleturbo

    Carillion in Crisis

    & Ipads, Iphones, BMW's with Connected Drive, etc.
  3. bubbleturbo

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

  4. bubbleturbo

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

  5. bubbleturbo

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

    Sheet metal working (Rolls Royce bodies are hand made there and then shipped to Goodwood in the UK, correction needs to be made to some robot made bodies), trim, paint (some of the bodies are painted by hand) But I would say that much of the process management, quality management and logistics has been successfully honed over many generations. There is a huge amount of plant in use obviously and the majority of this is large, expensive and German. Schueller / Mueller presses which are three strories high, Siemens automated trolleys moving pressed panels around in the press shop, hundreds of KUKA robots in use. In final assembly, a lot of the work is assisted and these machines and devices all seemed to be German. My point is just that the scale of it all is incredible and millions upon millions man hours put in throughout to keep many people employed, not just in the plant itself or development or the many support functions within BMW, but the suppliers of presses, robots, etc, etc. Put it all firmly into context with the video we have of how to help slumlords dress beds in order to get tenants. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1357958/BMW-opens-car-plant-employees-aged-50.html
  6. bubbleturbo

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

    Hmm. I recently visited a BMW plant in Dingolfing, Bavaria, Germany. It was breathtaking the amount of investment which had clearly gone in over many decades to the plant buildings, machinery, automation, IT, etc. What also struck me was the many skills across the 17,500 workers there too. A lot of the tasks performed by many of the workers are handed down over generations and require years of training and experience. In the UK, we have geniuses like in the linked video. I see now how this is a real worker in a real economy. I now dont know why companies like BMW bother? I do think however, he is doing an outstanding job of providing a local service for the local tribes people and he looks somehow familiar.
  7. bubbleturbo

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

    Yes. Its beautiful really and poetic justice. For years these morons thought they were successful business people, where in fact they were just riding a huge wave. The clever ones are already out or have a plan they are executing.
  8. Sorry, I see how ridiculous my post was. Sorry if it caused any offence. All EAs are idiots.
  9. If so, an idiot one. A red E46 3 series with M3 rep wheels does not send a positive message IMO.
  10. bubbleturbo

    Executive apartments

    Apparently, this is the type of cladding used: https://www.arconic.com/aap/north_america/en/product.asp?cat_id=915&prod_id=1534 As you can see, there are two types and it is reported that PE was used and not FR. I don't know what the specs are for either type but if the reported information is true and the higher fire resistance type (FR) was not used. . . . . . . you would wonder where exactly it should be used if not in an application such as this.....
  11. Bump because it is brilliant. Well done whoever was involved!
  12. The BOE starting to "investigate" is a sure sign that excrement has already started to come into contact with the fan blades at an alarming rate.

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