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  1. Which is why I always try to make my posts shorter than theirs, often just a copy and paste link. Common or garden Internet trolls then? I thought many were paid actors, 77th, nudge, etc.
  2. Are you suggesting that it would be better to ignore erroneous claims of vaccine efficacy rather than post counter evidence? It would be easier to argue against vaccine coercion, from a freedom of choice point of view, if the vaccines were 100% effective, but they're not.
  3. I don't know why you included me in your above list? For me it's all about freedom of choice. Even if the vaccines were proven to be 100% effective against Covid, infection and transmission, I would still be vehemently against any form of compulsion.
  4. Are vaccines becoming less effective at preventing Covid infection? | Financial Times (ft.com) An Oxford university study published on Thursday found that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against symptomatic infection almost halved after four months, and that vaccinated people infected with the more infectious Delta variant had as high viral loads as the unvaccinated. Two research papers from the US and Qatar have also fuelled debate over the need for top-up booster shots as they found higher numbers of “breakthrough infections” than anticipated, even though protection against serious cases of the virus appears to hold.
  5. Jabs do not reduce risk of passing Covid within household, study suggests | Coronavirus | The Guardian The analysis further suggests that whether an infected individual is themselves fully vaccinated or unvaccinated makes little or no difference to how infectious they are to their household contacts. The team add that the peak level of virus in infected individuals was the same regardless of whether they were jabbed or not, although these levels dropped off more quickly in the vaccinated people, suggesting they cleared the infection sooner.
  6. I'm talking about a system where over 65s are effectively forced to have a booster jab, if they want to live a normal life, because they are more at risk from Covid. If they want to risk their lives it should be their choice.
  7. I would prefer to be given the option to relinquish the right to Covid treatment, if unvaccinated, rather than being subjected to house arrest.
  8. Not quite so easy in this case because it only applies to over 65s, so it is obvious that it is to protect them from becoming ill rather than to stop them spreading the virus to others.
  9. On principle, I am absolutely against any law that exists to protect people from themselves .
  10. And in France..... Covid: France brings in booster requirement for over 65s - BBC News Over-65s in France will soon only be allowed to travel or visit restaurants and museums if they have a Covid booster jab, President Emmanuel Macron has said. "From 15 December, you will need to provide proof of a booster jab to extend the validity of your health pass," he warned in a TV address. The new rule further tightens one of the strictest Covid regimes in Europe. Despite high vaccination rates, France is seeing a spike in daily infections.
  11. It was approved in May, so that's not the reason. Janssen coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine authorised by UK medicines regulator - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  12. Approved COVID-19 vaccines and countries and territories with approved proof of vaccination - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Yes it is, but the government probably doesn't want it used because, as a single dose vaccine, it means half the number of jabs need to be administered and that figure is of political importance to BJ.
  13. Thank you too for the civilised discussion . A few brief closing words... Advance directives often stop healthcare workers from saving lives. I have one and do not consider it to be reckless endangerment, rather an insurance policy against ending up in a condition I don't want to be in.
  14. An alternative would be to deny Covid treatment to those who have decided not to be vaccinated and require confirmation by the individual, at the point of entry to that country or event, that they understand and accept the possible consequences. There are those who would consider denial of medical treatment uncivilised, but I consider restricting the individual's freedom of choice to be more uncivilised.
  15. I bought it primarily for use as an air conditioner for cooling in the summer months but it has reverse cycle so can also be used for heating in winter. It either extracts the heat from inside and dumps it outside or vice versa. I didn't pay many thousands, I bought the unit and did my own install. Total cost about £800 for a 3.6KW unit with brackets, tools etc. In your case, I would read up on reverse cycle aircon and decide if it would be suitable for you, bearing in mind that heating efficiency falls when the outside temperature gets near to zero. You could use propane or oil in the cold periods?
  16. Yellow fever vaccine stops transmission, does it not? I really don't see the justification in requiring people to be injected with vaccines that do not stop transmission of the virus before they are allowed to travel or go to events and in my opinion the motive is political.
  17. Firstly, my vaccination status is private. In 2018 I had not been vaccinated against Covid, at any time between then and now I may or may not have been, only I know so can we please leave my personal vaccination status out of any discussion. Tying someone down and forcibly vaccinating them would be an assault and if it were done to me I would prosecute. Covid passports are not coercion per se, but there is little doubt that they are being used to coerce those who do not want to be vaccinated into doing so, every day someone on the news channels makes that exact point, some think it is a good thing. I suffer complete sense of humour failure at the suggestion of penetrative assault with a sharp object and pumping liquids into the bodies of people against their express wishes.
  18. We've only has the gas central heating on for one day, when the temperature dropped to zero, since April. The air source heat pump (reverse cycle air conditioning) keeps us warm as toast as long as the outside temperature is above 5 degrees. It's about 360% efficient so costs about the same, or a little less, than heating by gas.
  19. Success, the media is now talking about compulsory jabs for NHS staff instead of Tory sleaze.
  20. What do you disagree with me on? Vaccines should be freely available to anyone who wants one? Those who, for whatever reason, do not want to be vaccinated should not be coerced into doing so? People's medical records should be confidential and that includes vaccination status?
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