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  1. Most of your straight friends? . Anyway, not to worry. I will lend my children money at 0% for anything they wish, except a house (not that they would want to buy a house at the moment, being accountants). Accepted obligation of parenthood my **** .
  2. Sure did, I'm not interested in the stock market in these volatile times where you can make or lose a fortune in a matter of days. I got out of the stock market in 2007, when it was 6,500 ish. What is it now, 4,500 ish?
  3. That's a shame. I like renting, we've been renting the same house for over two years with almost another year to run, not that we are there all of the time, as, being retired, we spend a lot of time "on holiday" in France, where we are at the moment, so you could say we're getting on with our lives.
  4. Are We All Going To Buy Property Now (those That Can Afford It)? Clearly a few are being duped by the relentless media spin, but I have never been more relaxed about staying out of the housing market. I sleep well at night and wake up with a smile on my face. If I were to take three or four hundred grand out of the bank and buy a house, in today's market, I suspect I'd become a nervous wreck.
  5. I think the definition of a FTB is someone who does not currently own a house, in which case I qualify. There is absolutely no way that I will buy now, perhaps I never will, although I could afford to buy now for cash. The market at the moment is at least 40% overpriced and is being held up by massive coordinated spin and various measures introduced by a government desperate to get re-elected next year. If I do buy, my guess is that it will be in three or four years time.
  6. The Realist Group: New Members Posts: 4 Joined: 26-July 09 Member No.: 21,887 Bull or Bear? Neither
  7. I think the uncharacteristic languagage was a deliberate attempt to throw us off the track.
  8. Yes, it annoys the hell out of me, I think it's used to make a house sound like an investment rather than a home.
  9. No point in denying it (as usual)) Columbo, you're sussed. Actually, I was just about to update my sig anyway, but it's nice to have a second opinion.
  10. Morgs Group: New Members Posts: 13 Joined: 24-July 09 Member No.: 21,865 Bull or Bear? Neither
  11. You post like a NuLabour shill . Welcome to my sig.
  12. Sorry to bump this old thread, but damn, this French beef is good. Just eaten the most divine steak (cote de boeuf), rare (naturally) with a nice bottle of Bordeaux rouge, yum .
  13. Now that is interesting, proof that, as I suspected, estate agents are spamming journalists email accounts as well as trolling forums such as this one .
  14. We already spend four or five months of the year in France. North in the summer, south in the winter, but still think of England as home and keep a (rented) house there, mind you, that will change if this embarrassment of a government get back in next year.
  15. Perhaps she was attempting to use the "insult selling" technique. The idea is that you insult the potential customer by inferring that they can't afford what you are selling, some idiots fall for it and buy just to prove the salesperson wrong . Another possibility is stupidity. A few years ago I registered with an EA and the woman asked, in a haughty voice, if I had my mortgage in place, "no", I replied, to which she said "not very organised are you", my reply, whilst walking out of the door, was "I don't need a mortgage, I have cash".
  16. Sorry, too late. It was delicious though, so glad we bought. Liver and bacon tomorrow, yum.
  17. I know, but i was afraid that someone else would snap it up if we delayed.
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