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  1. https://www.northernrock.co.uk/savings/fixed-rate-bonds/fixed-rate-bond_issue_375/
  2. http://timesbusiness.typepad.com/money_weblog/2009/11/10-wealthiest-tories.html
  3. I distinctly remember him saying the five words "no more boom and bust" during the last general election. I have photographic recall of it as his jaw nearly dropped off as he barked it out .
  4. Because their jobs depend on continued HPI. You're a moderator, check out their IP addresses, I'm sure you'll find many of them posting from the offices of EAs, Lenders & Builders.
  5. I'd bet a pound to a penny he works for a lender.... or a builder.
  6. The presenter of "Homes Under The Hammer" (or some such ramping program) actually said "we love property" a few days ago .
  7. You could try the council housing officer. If the place is not fit for human habitation, they may be able to help.
  8. Good for you . I was debt/mortgage free in my early 40s. House now sold, cash in bank, happily renting .
  9. 3.95% for the 1 year Fixed Rate Guaranteed Growth Bond is good news. We took one out at 4.2% in January this year and a week later they halved the rate for new bonds. I've been wondering what will be available in January 2010. It now looks like NS&I may come up trumps again .
  10. Welcome to the club . You will find it relaxing to watch the market frfom the outside during the next few years. Don't take any notice of the resident trolls, they have commercial vested interests in talking up the market.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking . In the meantime, they can keep everyone spending money they haven't got with more "green shoots" spin.
  12. Looking at the votes for hyperinflation makes me wonder what people think hyperinflation is.
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