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  1. How about multiple votes? One extra vote for every £1,000 tax you pay.
  2. That was good timing, my council tax bill arrived this morning. I always pay it in full on receipt, but not this year, instalments it is .
  3. No way. They are only printing in a vain attempt at staving off deflation.
  4. Local council to support local house prices, I wonder why .
  5. Everything about that man is below the belt.
  6. Employer's NI is the worst as it makes the ignorant believe that it is not a tax paid by them but by their employer. Of course, in reality, the employer's contribution is deducted from the employee's gross salary.
  7. NI is Labour's favourite. In the run-up to the 1997 election, when Blair kept saying "watch my lips, no tax increases", I couldn't believe that the TV interviewers let him get away with it and didn't ask "what about NI?". Sure enough, as soon as they got in, up went NI, bastards .
  8. I hope Labour use that picture in a poster campaign during the next election, but if they don't perhaps the Conservatives will.
  9. Most people lose money on the stock market. PMs are fine for a few grand, but a few hundred grand? Increased pension contributions, I'm retired . Giving to charity, I'm not that generous. You forgot to mention buying a house .
  10. Absolutely! Only an estate agent would recommend buying a house at the moment .
  11. My EUR bought at 1.5 EUR/GBP are doing well. NS&I are paying me 3.9% (not available for new deposits) and are, arguably, as safe as you can get.
  12. I am in a position to buy a house, for cash, but I prefer to keep the cash in the bank and rent a house to live in. I can't think of a better defence against falling house prices.
  13. Cash, any interest you get is icing on the cake.
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