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  1. I don't have a job and would hate to be a homeowner at the moment. I do however have the security of cash in the bank which can be exchanged for a house when prices stop falling. Edit: I can't believe I replied to this obvious troll, it must be too early in the morning .
  2. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/art...rise/article.do
  3. That would explain the massive increase of trolling on this forum then.
  4. Some clubs can be very picky about new members who have not been to the right school. Sir Donald Gosling had been blackballed a few times by the Royal Yacht Squadron, who didn't want someone who had served as an ordinary seaman amongst their ranks. He was eventually accepted in the mid 1990s after providing accommodation for Cowes Week, on board Leander, to Prince Phillip after HRH had lost Britannia. He celebrated his acceptance in style the next year, at Cowes Week, by inviting club members for drinks on board Leander. He parked an Agusta 109 on Leander's aft deck and used it to ferry the members between Cowes Roads and "The Castle" lawn.
  5. Yawn. This is getting like a broken record, spin of the highest order. The thing is that even zero interest for a year would not be disastrous for most people. Why on earth would they risk losing 15% to 20% a year in capital depreciation in return for a notional 5% yield? Anyway, most people with significant cash savings will have got into fixed rate accounts months ago, and even if they didn't, there are a number of accounts paying 2%+, so the difference is only 3%. Edit: I'm currently 100% cash and government bonds. I have various savings accounts fixed for different periods at rates of.... 6.5%, 6.1%, 4.2% and a bit at 2.75% variable on Sterling, and 4.5% variable on Euros. Not as good as a year ago, but hardly close to zero.
  6. Isn't that the master plan? 1) Flood the markets with liquidity. 2) Talk up the economy for all you're worth. 3) Pray.
  7. BBC News' financial reporter (the young 'glass is half full' one) just came out with a good piece of spin. He said:- "You could actually say it's a good sign, in a sense, that transaction levels are so low, because what that seems to suggest to me is that people are saying 'I'm not forced to sell, I don't have to take that offer, I can actually sit on my hands' and therefore it's going to stop prices freefalling". Estate Agent and RICS spokesman Jeremy Leaf agreed .
  8. What a strange thread this is. Estate Agents, Gold Bugs, Mortgage Brokers, Buy to Let Salesmen, Sleeper trolls that have lain dormant for two years, a poster formerly known as "The Foreigner"........ I've never seen such a wide range of vested interests all posting in a determined effort to convince those happily holding cash that they should buy something or other .
  9. I'm retired and still awake . Other than that, I must agree with what you're saying. There's no way that a couple of lying, thieving, estate agents are going to convince me to take a hundred grand out of the bank and buy a BTL at this time. See my sig by the way
  10. Looks like my sig (written a month ago) is pretty much on the money . I'm a potential cash buyer and am not remotely tempted to buy in the present market. Perhaps in a year or three.
  11. A Sunseeker insider told me recently that the bottom has fallen out of the 40' to 80' range, bought by people who thought they had a lot of money. The 90'+ boats are still selling well to the people who really do have a lot of money.
  12. Not many are admitting to it... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...=104583&hl=
  13. No, fools become obsessed with timing it to the second. Was it a Rothschild who said "Leave the last ten percent to the market"? Much better to buy after the bottom and pay a little more than get it wrong, buy in a dead cat bounce, and cop another 25%+ fall .
  14. No, I think they're different individuals. Sibley = Estate Agent. Valerius = Buy to Let salesman (Insidetrack or other of similar ilk).
  15. Really? How nice for you. I was talking about your multiple identities on this forum though.
  16. endgame = azazel = multi identity goldbug.
  17. This is getting really tiresome. Post after post, thread after thread all preaching the same mantra. The OP is on a mission to scare anyone holding cash into the housing market and is obviously working to some agenda. It doesn't take a genius to see the danger of inflation, anyone holding a substantial amount of cash will be acutely aware of that spectre. However, this recent bout of frenzied posting is reminiscent of an estate agent trying to drum up business.
  18. A few members of this forum, the starter of this thread being a notable example, have been in "full QE spin mode" for the last month. Their agenda is now clear.
  19. That's probably very true with some of the bulltrolls that have joined in the last few weeks See my sig.
  20. Yes. He babbled on for a few minutes, but that was the gist of it.
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