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  1. "Who's laughing now?" Me for one, I've been far better off renting over the last five years and the excrement will hit the ventilation device soon. What is soon? I expect house prices to fall 30 or 40% over the next three or four years.
  2. Thanks, doccyboy. It really is so obvious though and seems to be completely misunderstood by the "renting is dead money" brigade.
  3. I can only speak for myself, but even now, in a period of record low interest rates, my rent (rolling annual agreement) is less than the interest I would lose if I were to take the money out of the bank and buy the house I'm currently renting.
  4. Why do you feel the need to live rent free in old age/retirement? If you own a house outright you are effectively paying rent in the form of lost interest on the capital tied up in the house. There's no getting away from it, you pay for your housing whether you rent, own outright, or are paying off a mortgage. Cheap (term) life insurance would cover the cost of a home for your family should you die suddenly.
  5. Exactly! There's no getting away from it, everyone pays for housing.... The outright owner pays in loss of interest on the money tied up in the house. The mortgage holder pays interest to the lender. The renter pays rent.
  6. I don't waste any money on rent. My rent is more than covered by the interest I receive on the cash that I would have to withdraw from the bank to purchase the house I'm renting .
  7. It was my experience, admittedly a few years ago, that the food in private schools was utterly revolting. The cheapest muck they could lay their hands on. It would have been nice to have any kind of meat in the sausages rather than just bread and herbs.
  8. Tax avoidance, unlike tax evasion, is not a crime.
  9. Not if they start their own business and work seven days a week with no holidays at all for the first ten years, to make a go of it, as I did.
  10. They could have used our money to pay them their old salary to sit at home. That would have saved us about £300M, but it wouldn't have kept 'hard working families' working hard .
  11. I believe that Robinson was an Estate Agent before going into politics .
  12. Was it Melanie Bien from Savills again? She seems to be the BBC's current ramper of choice.
  13. There's been loads of word of mouth ramping with these. One of my kids bought some a few months ago, first foray into the stock market, on the recommendation of a friend, sure thing etc etc..... 'you should buy some dad'. Fortunately only a few hundred quid, but enough to smart a bit so a useful lesson learned. They don't listen to dear old dad .
  14. Similar figures for the house I'm renting. Current asking prices for similar houses aprox £380k (not selling though). Rent £900 per month.
  15. I'm not in the least bit surprised, they've been putting a lot of dedication into this forum for years .
  16. Speaking as a potential cash buyer, I wouldn't consider buying now. Three or four percent interest is infinitely preferable to a thirty or forty percent capital loss .
  17. In the financial round-up, the Bloomberg TV presenter said... "The pound has risen for the second day in a row because house prices have risen at the fastest pace in seven years, which is clearly very encouraging for the British economy". It wasn't explained, but is probably a perverse piece of spinning on this... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=138634
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