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  1. I was in business when Mrs Thatcher came to power. Yes, it was tough, the previous Labour government had run up huge debts (just like this lot) and the first thing the Conservatives had to do was take an axe to government spending. There was a moratorium on defence spending that rippled right through manufacturing industry. The early eighties were tough years but those businesses that weathered the storm emerged leaner and fitter. Ken Clarke handed over a healthy economy to Brown in 1997 and Mr 'no more boom and bust' busted it .
  2. I too did well in the Labour years, pure luck though as I happened to make electronic stuff that was used by the bucket load in the Canary Wharf bank buildings. I made lots of money during the Labour boom and sold out when the Labour bust started. A lot of my friends were not so fortunate though, particularly those in engineering and machine tools. Have I ever voted Labour? No. Will I ever vote Labour? No. In answer to the OP. No, I can't think of anything positive that has come out of NuLabour. They have raised the benchmark for smug, self serving politicians the like of which this country has never seen before. In short, the most loathsome collection of lying toads ever to have stalked the corridors of Westminster.
  3. Read a few articles on internet trolling techniques. Your technique of posting controversial one liners at the rate of one per minute is well covered. You have become a troll.
  4. I did sell in 2005. Worked out pretty well actually .
  5. And he now has the barefaced nerve to say 'Yesterday was yesterday, today I want to talk about the economy'. If I were a journalist I'd say 'Tough, you're damaged goods, anything you say now is suspect, you talk to yourself about the economy'. This moving on after an apology seems to be the norm now. Perhaps Ian Brady should apologise for the moors murders so that he can be released to get on with his life .
  6. The arrogance of youth. I've got one of those, same age. Fortunately, she agrees that as she lives rent free under my roof, it's the least she can do to humour the old bugger by voting Conservative .
  7. You can judge the size of the bubble by the fact that Direct Line are advertising 'Landlord Insurance' on the TV. When ordinary people are 'investing' in an asset class in sufficient numbers to warrant mainstream TV advertising, you just know it's a bubble and they're going to get their fingers burnt.
  8. She is also a close friend of Anji Hunter who was Blair's 'gatekeeper'. Hunter is married to Sky's political editor Adam Bolton.
  9. That would be me. You were posting one line NuLabour supporting posts at the rate of one a minute and completely taking over this thread to the annoyance of other posters. I checked the forum rules and they state 'no annoying posting styles'. It was not what you were posting, everyone should be allowed to state their opinion, it was the mind numbing frequency of your posts last night.
  10. The BBC keep showing Brown coming out of the lady's house in Rochdale, after apologising, with that great big gurning grin right across his face. It's almost as though he's linked to an automatic grin prompting machine that causes him to gurn every few seconds irrespective of the situation, wierd .
  11. AZ has made thirty six NuLabour troll posts in the last two and a half hours, Is this a record? . Edit: Two more in the time it took me to type this post now thirty eight.
  12. Never mind the electioneering ********. Use your vote to get rid of Brown.
  13. And Brown's spin doctors requested it so that the great man's words could be better heard .
  14. This evening's news programs are full of slimy, patronising, NuLabour spin doctors. Loathsome individuals .
  15. Unbelievable crap from Mandelslime, on BBC now, my wife is rolling on the floor laughing.
  16. I think I must have a different idea of fairness to you and Gordon Brown, but then I have never had any time for socialism. Although I consider VAT to be the fairest, it is the one that hits me hardest. Being retired (although not of state pension age) I don't pay NI, but I still consider VAT to be a fairer tax.
  17. VAT is , in my opinion, a fairer tax than Income Tax or National Insurance, at least you have a choice with indirect taxation.
  18. It only takes a few seconds to count the posts someone has made in a day. You excelled yourself yesterday (Sunday), 76 NuLabour supporting posts in one day .
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