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  1. Probably the one the BBC dug up this morning to give some "good news" on the housing market. Pent up demand......, house prices to snap back hard in two years........., it would take a brave man to stay out of the market for long....... BBC interviewer thanked him for the good news .
  2. I read somewhere that they were offered many millions last year, at the top of the market, by a Russian investor for the whole lot, but turned it down. Their plan was good, but they got greedy. They could have sold out last year with many millions profit and been set up for life, but they thought they could get more.
  3. I owned a Scooby for ten years, it was running like new when I sold it with over 120,000 miles on the clock. Certainly not a weekend toy!
  4. 2BobBubb & Cuntbert Calculus less prolific, Prickeus Maximus not logged in for the past two weeks. No doubt they'll be back when it suits their financial agenda.
  5. As above, but include a few "everybody accepts that......" and "the people want us to.......". I'm not sure I can bear to watch it .
  6. It seems they have all agreed to work four days a week for the next thirteen weeks, so it's not a pay cut as such but equates to a loss of £50 per week on average.
  7. Just on Sky News. 2,500 JCB workers have voted to accept a £50 per week pay cut in order to save 350 jobs from being cut.
  8. From Sky News ticker, Breaking News... Property search website Rightmove to cut staff by 20% to cope with housing market slump
  9. Has anyone else noticed all the wind up bulls that have joined in the last couple of days?
  10. At last, BBC TV have just reported this rather significant news.
  11. Or a certain well known HPC troll. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...st&p=865465
  12. The EA has presumably agreed in advance with the vendor a minimum sum, below which, the EA may reject the offer without reference to the vendor. If not, the EA would be breaking the law. For the record, and so there can be no doubt in the vendor's mind that the offer has been made, I would send a copy of the correspondence directly to the vendor.
  13. £150,000 cash on the nail, complete in a week, it is then. On second thoughts......... .
  14. Agreed, although I still haven't seen any mention of the HMRC figures on BBC TV News. Perhaps I missed it. Edit I've just watched the summary of their current headlines and it's not mentioned.
  15. BBC now have an article on their website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7681741.stm
  16. Sky News are running with this. Big red banner "Property Crash" announcing upcoming story. BBC yet to notice.
  17. Number of property transactions fell 53% on the year in september.
  18. Prices creeping up in Hale, Cheshire? Is this asking prices or sold prices? If sold, on what volumes?
  19. Patience, they will. What may appear to be a bargain now, will be seen to be very expensive in a year or two.
  20. Rightmove director Miles Shipside just used the "C" word on a Sky News Interview. Asked when a slump becomes a crash, he said that prices of new build flats are crashing now due to over supply and that this may spread into the main market.
  21. Toads, the lot of them, both lots. 2 bob bubb, cunsa, both as bad as each other.
  22. Good summary. She even managed to slip in Gordon Brown's current favourite phrase.. "I think everybody recognises".
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