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  1. I'm not arguing the toss about what size the state pension should be, the country can't afford much after Labour blew all the money. I always knew it was a ripoff and made my own arrangements for my retirement. I've been happily retired for the last three years and when I draw my state pension, in another six years, it won't make much difference to my standard of living. Having said that, as a higher rate tax payer, I paid through the nose for it and woe betide any snotty nosed whipper snapper who tries to take it away from me .
  2. It's called a "State Pension" and the money to pay for it was forcibly deducted from our monthly salary for all of our working lives. As for twenty years, could be more, could be less.
  3. I contracted out of SERPS for a few years and then contracted back in again as the SERPS scheme was supposed to be better. I wish I'd stayed contracted out, as the few years I was contracted out added about £50K to my private pension pot which I cashed in for an annuity three years ago. I doubt the SERPS addition to my state pension, which I can't draw for another six years, will amount to £50k and I was contracted in for a lot longer than I was contracted out.
  4. What a surprise . http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=156868
  5. GBP today recovered half of what it lost against EUR yesterday.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business/market_data/currency/11/13/intraday.stm
  6. They all take it in turns to be the "odd one out". There must always be one, to give the punters a ray of hope.
  7. I keep my Euros (bought at 1.5EUR = 1GBP) in a French bank. The French still price most things in Euros and Francs, so if they revert to Francs my Euros will probably do likewise and since I spend more money in France than other European countries that suits me fine. Not being a currency speculator I only hold the two currencies that I spend and, not being too confident in Sterling, I'm more relaxed spreading the risk between the two than holding one or the other. I diversified in early 2007 and have not exchanged any Euros for Sterling, or vise versa, since then.
  8. Sounds like a damage limitation exercise to make sure that the inevitable gets blamed on Labour.
  9. Bloomberg are still "optimistic" about UK house prices though .
  10. I wondered what spooked Sterling today, down nearly a percent against the Euro.
  11. Unless they can see the writing on the wall .
  12. I don't see much going up other than things I don't spend much on like food and fuel. Big ticket items are on the way down. I expect nominal house price falls of between 30% and 40% over the next few years.
  13. Hard money assets? Property, classic cars..... Hold on, the bottom fell out of those in the early 90s. Property prices temporarily bounced back under NuLabour............... .
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a 10-20% annual correction over two or three years is 20-60%. Falls nicely in line with my expectations of 30-40% over the next few years .
  15. Bump for the bulls who seem to be ignoring this Financial Times front page headline, I wonder why . "House Price Falls Forecast To Continue"
  16. Just shown on Sky News.. FT front page headline for tomorrow... "House Price Falls Forecast To Continue"
  17. I've got a 3D TV, great toy, but I'm a sucker for gadgets .
  18. I never thought to check the urban dictionary, they have an alternative... RB has finally lost it .
  19. Of course it is, but you need some heat in there. Either it comes from the living area below or else you need a loft anti-frost heater. Lagging alone won't stop cold water pipes freezing in prolonged sub zero temperatures.
  20. Too much loft insulation is a major cause of burst pipes.
  21. Yup, BBC have excelled themselves on this one .
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