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  1. Watching the news this morning, big parade in London, shoulder to shoulder, not a mask in sight, one could be forgiven for thinking that the vaccines have done their job and it's all over.
  2. Solicitor! Conveyancing solicitor has screwed up, over to them.
  3. You sound surprised, what did you expect from that worthless piece of shite BJ?
  4. France to make Covid booster mandatory for over-65s to access public spaces (telegraph.co.uk) France’s over-65s and those deemed high-risk will require a booster jab to use an anti-Covid health pass allowing them to take trains or go to restaurants from December 15, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday night. How are they going to decide who is "deemed high-risk" and needs to be protected from their desire to lead a normal life? Searching medical records?
  5. Bucking the trend... Los Angeles Moves To Ease Covid-19 Vaccination Proof Requirement (forbes.com)
  6. Not bothered? I would think that "decided not to" would be more accurate in most cases.
  7. AstraZeneca (AZ) Covid-19 Vaccine: Plan for Move to Profit - Bloomberg AstraZeneca Plc said it’s moving to profit from the Covid-19 vaccine it developed with the University of Oxford as new orders are received after supplying the shot at cost during the pandemic.
  8. Had I been given the option I would have opted out of the NHS years ago, but we are where we are.
  9. Agreed, but there could be exceptions during the current Covid crisis. For example, if the healthcare system is completely overwhelmed with Covid patients and is turning new patients away, it could be argued that drastic measures need to be taken. The current favourite being to confine those who are unvaccinated, by choice, to their homes. Under the above circumstances there should be options. If I was unvaccinated and had to decide between being confined to my home, or being refused hospital treatment if I became infected, but otherwise allowed to lead a normal life, I would choose the latter without hesitation.
  10. The benefit of taking the vaccines may vastly outweigh the risks, but if you are more interested in quality of life and two or three jabs a year for life is unacceptable to you, you may as an individual, decide that the risks of opting out are preferable and decide to do your own thing.
  11. Of course I do. A chance of a normal life beats a life of multiple jabs every year, no contest.
  12. Here we go.... Austrian lockdown for the unvaccinated is days away, chancellor says | Reuters Hopefully, civil disobedience by the 35% of the population it applies to will follow.
  13. To me, a 1% risk of death is pretty good odds to be able to get natural herd immunity and not have to receive multiple jabs a year, perhaps for the rest of my life. Edit: Correction, not "pretty good odds", brilliant odds.
  14. Who are we to question her belief? If she doesn't want to be vaccinated that's her decision! Many people base decisions on history.
  15. Unfortunately, if the authoritarians were to get their way, the only way to "walk away" could be a touch permanent.......
  16. I received an SMS from the NHS this morning, asking me to book a flu jab. It was firm but polite and went about as far as I would find acceptable. I shall ignore it as usual.
  17. Even if the risk was zero I would still be against any form of coercion or compulsion to accept any form of medical treatment. My body, my choice.
  18. Idiots? Why so? Because they dare to question the official narrative?
  19. Worryingly, it seems that coercion is becoming the norm both here and abroad.
  20. I don't think we'll ever agree on this so I'll leave it at that.
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