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  1. Brexit: Irish deputy PM Leo Varadkar warns nations UK might not keep its word - BBC News Ireland's deputy PM has warned governments doing trade deals with the UK that it is a nation that "doesn't necessarily keep its word". Leo Varadkar made the comment after Dominic Cummings suggested the UK had always intended to tear up the Brexit deal it signed with the EU in 2019. Boris Johnson's ex-adviser said the plan had been to "ditch the bits we didn't like" after winning power. Mr Johnson fought the 2019 election on a "Get Brexit done" platform. During the campaign, he repeatedly claimed the withdrawal agreement he had negotiated with Brussels - including the Northern Ireland Protocol - was a "great" deal that was "oven ready".
  2. Today, the government, mostly Barclay, are flailing around trying to pin the blame on the scientists. Hopefully, the Three Musketeers of the science community will take this opportunity to return the favour. Let battle commence, although two of them haven't yet got their "K" so they might keep a low profile.
  3. Lord Frost to escalate war of words with EU over Northern Ireland | The Independent Could it escalate into a proper trade war? If so my money's on the EU to win it.
  4. Some interesting bits in the MSM today... Covid: UK's early response worst public health failure ever, MPs say - BBC News Texas governor bars all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in state | CTV News
  5. Spoken like a true Brexiteer defending the one who got Brexit done.
  6. I once had a dog who behaved exactly like BJ, he used to roam free in the neighbourhood and every second dog I saw looked just like him. However, what is endearing behaviour in a dog is not appropriate in a Prime Minister.
  7. I always found it much less stressful running my own business, no internal politics to worry about, and in hard times the boss isn't going to be made redundant (although I never had to make anyone redundant).
  8. I doubt his previous wives and concubines would agree with you. The man's a disgrace.
  9. He's a proven liar so I'm sure he would say that. I really don't understand how you can defend that worthless piece of shite.
  10. When I was in business I always cancelled a holiday if necessary.
  11. Covid vaccines highly effective against Delta variant, French study shows (thelocal.fr) Does that mean the unvaccinated are at greater risk than they would otherwise have been?
  12. It certainly is, BJ is a liar and a cheat who cares only about himself.
  13. It's been obvious to me from the word go and frankly I'm amazed at the way the majority of the population seem to be swallowing the government spin without question.
  14. Anyone, however "rich and self important", who doesn't understand the certainty of their own mortality is none too bright. Of course, the obsession with extending life, irrespective of the quality of that life is to blame.
  15. In other words, man's allotted span is three score years and ten, not four score years and four, and mother nature is giving us a tug.
  16. Lol, you couldn't make it up . Harries is doing the rounds (on Sky News just now) pushing flu jabs. It's almost as though they've committed to buy a minimum quantity of assorted jabs off the pharmaceutical companies each year.... surely not?
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