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  1. Javid in HoC now. Current vaccines may not be effective.... now there's a surprise, but he stressed "it's never been more important to get your booster".
  2. You don't need to be an "anti-vaxxer" (whatever that is) to prefer the concept of natural immunity.
  3. France cancels meeting with UK following Boris Johnson letter to Macron | The Independent France scraps UK talks over Johnson migrants letter - BBC News
  4. The Brexiteers, like the government, will always deny that Brexit has any downsides. Look at the way they're queuing up to defend it on this thread. Similar to last nights COBRA meeting.
  5. Too late, the opt out would need to be clear, final and legally binding. If I had signed such an instrument, I would expect nothing less, people need to take responsibility for their decisions.
  6. I meant what would do about the unvaccinated taking up ICU beds?
  7. Some would rather die than "put up with" state sanctioned penetrative assault. Europe's latest wave of Covid authoritarianism has set a dangerous new precedent (telegraph.co.uk)
  8. Is this the argument for mandatory vaccination? If so, as I've been saying for months, there should be a way for people to avoid compulsion by opting out of hospital treatment for Covid. Now that the WHO seems to be suggesting consideration of compulsion, perhaps there could be an international Covid treatment opt out passport for travel?
  9. Europe's latest wave of Covid authoritarianism has set a dangerous new precedent (telegraph.co.uk) This leads to the unthinking assumption that there are no limits to what the frightened majority can legitimately impose on others in the hope of protecting themselves against infection. The absence of moral scruple in pursuit of what is thought to be a public good, is the first symptom of totalitarianism. The reduction of human beings to mere instruments of state policy is the next.
  10. It has never been fair. Had that been available I would have opted out of all NHS treatment years ago.
  11. Not if they, for whatever reason, specifically request to opt out.
  12. That sounds good to me. Shame about the insults though.
  13. Europe's latest wave of Covid authoritarianism has set a dangerous new precedent (telegraph.co.uk) Across Europe, basic norms of civilised society are giving way to panic. The unvaccinated are being excluded from an ever-wider range of basic rights. Austria has criminalised them. Italy has stopped them doing their jobs. The Dutch police have fired on anti-lockdown demonstrators, seriously injuring some of them. We are witnessing the ultimate folly of frightened politicians who cannot accept that they are impotent in the face of some natural phenomena.
  14. These things matter. The day presumed consent was introduced for organ donation was the day I opted out.
  15. Restrictions are annoying but mandatory vaccination is a whole new ball game.
  16. One thing is absolutely certain, if the UK government introduces a mandatory vaccination law I will defy it!
  17. It seems that "double vaccinated" is a thing of the past, "fully vaccinated" is the new requirement.
  18. Watching the devious, Brexiteer, Small Business Minister - Paul Scully, being demolished by Kay Burley on Sky News this morning reminds me why I will never again vote Conservative until all of the current incumbents are confined to the history books
  19. Rage across Europe as Covid restrictions trigger riots (telegraph.co.uk) On Sunday, Austria’s interior minister warned of increasing “radicalisation” among the population...
  20. With regard to Covid everyone's into censorship.... The world has gone mad.... Or is there more to this than they're letting on?
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