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  1. 8 minutes ago, Insane said:

    Understood but the Tory party replacing Boris is not a guarantee of getting honest and truthful conservatives is it. So to rid us of Bojo and co the only hope for what you want is a Labour Government . Right now they are not going in the direction of that happening. Therefore it looks 5 election defeats for Labour and you not getting what you want. 

    Nonsense, you are arguing for the sake of it, I don't know why I bother replying to your piffle.

  2. 1 hour ago, Insane said:

    Yet Labour lost 4 elections on the Trott. 

    Maybe instead of moaning about the Tories it would be more beneficial if you concentrated on why it is going to be 5 elections on the Trott. Otherwise the UK is never going to receive all those wonderful spoils Labour are offering. Remind me what are they offering ?   

    I don't give a flying fandango how many elections Labour lose, I just want BJ, and those ministers who support and defend, him out of power. Whether they are replaced by Labour, LibDems, Greens, or honest and truthful Conservatives is irrelevant to me.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Insane said:

    The Electorate. 

    Well that will happen at the next GE if the public what to kick them out. 

    The great thing about an election is that you can kick a Government out. The worst thing is to do that you have to vote another one in. Chances are the public might stick with what they already have when they look at the alternative. 

    Too silly, that's the only line you Tory fan boys have left and it won't cut the mustard.... mark my words.

  4. 1 minute ago, spyguy said:

    Corbyn is very active with Stop The War, who are nothing more than a Pro Russian. Anti NATO/West front.

    Corbyn has a long documented of supporting anyone but the West in wars, be it Russia, various Islamic and Irish terrorist groups.

    Hes an absolute moron.




    As a lifetime Conservative (until recently) I have to say that Corbyn would have been preferable to BJ.

  5. Boris Johnson takes direct control in Whitehall power-grab | News | The Times

    Boris Johnson is to assume direct control of large parts of the machinery of government in a Whitehall power-grab that will effectively create a department for the prime minister.

    In an unprecedented upheaval, the Cabinet Office is to be split so that officials responsible for implementing domestic policy across the civil service will answer directly to Downing Street for the first time.

    Will he style himself as "The Leader"? Or does that come next year?


  6. 1 hour ago, byron78 said:

    I think it's nailed on.

    I also think it could be the end of the Tory Party (it'll take a long old while to unravel of course).

    We are sleep walking into this. 

    Lack of prep, understanding, or basic empathy.


    I hope so. BJ and his rotten to the core government deserves nothing less. 

    I might join in myself, particularly if the new anti demonstration laws are in force.

  7. 40 minutes ago, rollover said:


    BJ is not in the clear, he was fined for breaking his own law. We were told that we must wait for the Met investigation to be complete before the matter could be discussed and the Sue Gray report released, so now it can begin.

    As for the "he's apologised so that's the end of it" nonsense. That's not how it works with law breaking, if it was all criminals would apologise and the prisons would be empty.

  8. 5 minutes ago, wighty said:

    Ha ha, I know but the gov. are hoping for what I said.

    Greased Piglet will say he only had a piece of cake on his birthday. He'll say it was wrong with hindsight, but it was his birthday and it was a surprise and he's deeply sorry but lets move on to the real issues. He didn't attend any of the other gatherings.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for Gray report.

    Gov. will say it's all been covered by the Met so is irrelevant- the labour beergate is more relevant now. Anyway the country is facing bigger problems which were are successfully fighting. For example.......................


    The duplicitous BJ will most certainly continue to wriggle until the last nail has been hammered into his coffin. Let's hope that the Sue Gray report contains enough nails to get the job done.

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