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  1. Too far to go by car. We don't like to travel light, we usually rent an apartment for a few months and arrive with a car full of stuff.
  2. Well he's not going tonight, he's just appointed the awful Steve Barclay as Health Secretary.
  3. rishi sunak sajid javid resignation letters read full (telegraph.co.uk)
  4. Raab staying put and supports PM, now there's a surprise.
  5. Sajid Javid from Cabinet over Chris Pincher scandal - as Boris Johnson makes grovelling apology | The Sun
  6. Having spent the last few days trying to wriggle out of it, he now says he forgot . Boris Johnson ‘forgot’ about Chris Pincher groping claims | ITV News
  7. What with Cameron, BJ and that skinny thing with the glasses, the sound of an Eton accent makes my flesh crawl.
  8. Bore out of hatred for Cameron after he reneged on his manifesto pledges... Conservative-Party-Manifesto-2010.pdf (general-election-2010.co.uk)
  9. May in the south of France... June, July and August in Northern France... November and December in southern Spain, has been our retirement routine for the last fourteen years... sadly, not any more. We met many retired folk with similar routines, so not such a minority.
  10. I couldn't give a flying fandango about the UK holiday industry, but I really miss being able to spend more than three months in every six in the EU.
  11. That would make sense, all of his cabinet and other appointees need to be flushed down the pan with him.
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