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  1. Almost certainly, they see the jabs campaign as their saviour as many in the MSM think it's the only thing they got right, so for the foreseeable future, more of the same.... jabs, jabs, jabs, jabs, jabs.......... I don't know what *RG is either but didn't like to ask.
  2. BJ on Sky News just now..... "Two jabs give fantastic protection against hospitalisation but they don't stop transmission of the disease, the booster jab stops transmission so go and get your booster jab now." Is that correct or did he make it up?
  3. Spock talked a lot of sense, but that was pure socialist twaddle.
  4. The others I agree with but, wearing a seatbelt is legislation to protect people against themselves and an abhorrent piece of legislation in my opinion. Before you say anything about financial cost to treat injury, there could be some way where people could waive their right to NHS treatment in respect of car related injury, in return for an adjunct to their driving licence that exempts them from having to wear a seatbelt.
  5. And that's a bit like saying everyone's driving licence should be revoked in case they have an accident and kill someone.
  6. And because it can't be repeated too often.... Requiring people to have vaccinations for their own benefit would be equally unacceptable. In fact requiring people to have vaccinations for any reason would be a gross infringement of their human rights.
  7. We could privatise the NHS and people could choose their level of cover and exclusions.
  8. Actually, that would have some benefit for smokers. No treatment would mean less cost to the NHS so tobacco tax could be reduced and cigarettes would be cheaper.
  9. Competent adults should take responsibility for their own decisions.
  10. My personal vaccination status is private, but I gave more details in a later post.
  11. Me.... Pro Mask? If asked to, no problem. Pro vaccine? Certainly, it should be made available to anyone who wants it. Pro lockdown? Not really, but open to suggestion if someone can come up with something workable and not involving the police. Pro vaccine passports? Only if there are alternatives for those who choose not to be vaccinated.
  12. Why does everyone need to be pigeonholed. Pro mask? Depends where and when. Same for All the other labels that people insisting on pinning on others. As for this government.... incompetent and led by a proven liar.
  13. That Blair is a slimy toad..... COVID-19: Vaccine booster rollout should be at '500,000 a day' says Tony Blair | UK News | Sky News
  14. One option, to maintain state authority, would be compulsion. But if I were to be dragged out of my house, taken to a suitable place of inoculation and there subjected to state sanctioned penetrative assault, I don't know what I would do.... well actually I've got a pretty good idea.
  15. By encouraging their friends and relatives to pressurise them into submission by telling them it's their civic duty and if Christmas is cancelled it will be their fault?
  16. Try not wearing a crash helmet and see how far you get before being stopped and fined.
  17. Problem is that the government has groomed the population not to think for themselves and without their daily three word instructions the people are like an army of disconnected Daleks rolling around like demented shopping trolleys shouting exterminate, exterminate, exterminate....
  18. Could this be why the three musketeers were absent from Javid's briefing yesterday? Implement Covid Plan B now and stop being 'wilfully negilgent', BMA urges Government (inews.co.uk)
  19. That's what it looks like, although I suspect that folk who resent attempts at intimidation will dig their heels in further.
  20. Pretty much, that was my summary of an hour long propaganda fest.
  21. Morocco bans UK flights due to Covid cases rising - BBC News
  22. Basically, over an hour of prime time television was devoted to saying little more than..... "If you know any of the 5 million who have not yet reported for vaccination, phone them up and tell them they're letting the side down and if Christmas has to be cancelled it will be their fault." Targets to be painted on the backs of all Typhoid Marys everywhere.
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