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  1. Any forum is only as good as its contributers so it's up to members to improve it.
  2. If he went to prison it would cost the country money and it would be harder for him to get work afterwards with a criminal record so it would have been self defeating .
  3. I would say you have had a lucky escape. If the valuation was a good 20K lower then accept that may be what its worth and walk away if they want more. Its a buyers market out there now and that's a lot of money to play about with. 3 months down the line when the winter prices come you will be glad you looked about a bit before buying
  4. On the till receipt they write your passport number for ID
  5. wow scary to think that future generations will look at this site and think of the internet warriors who kept the faith in the House price crash
  6. There will always be opportunities for investors to pick up a bargain in the aftermath.
  7. Why use cash when you could spread the risk on to a bank as well? This would then leave you some cash to invest in your future or to improve the house. An offset mortgage would let you have the best of both worlds.
  8. It's IO mortgages that keep my BTL empire growing. Lucky I've got a good source for them. I have friends in high places.
  9. Good decision as long as it was not a high rise in Manchester.
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