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  1. Speak for yourself. That's why I'm on this damn site.
  2. I thought that after I'd posted and can't work out how to delete this post.
  3. My decision making process has left me at the mercy of landlords for years, I think a lack of landlord would be an improvement.
  4. I hate that too. I always check before bothering to view. Usually an unjustifiably huge amount that adds at least £1200-1500 p/a. This place £250 p/a. Building insurance is, as it should be, included (agents always trumpet this as some great benefit).
  5. I work in Lewisham and, pre-Covid, was in or around Horsham most Saturday nights. It's conveniently placed for both. It actually has a (small) off street allocated parking space. Luckily, my car is small.
  6. This comment wins. 53. 100K mortgage. I'm thinking about getting some kind of drunk barrier. 225K is my limit. I've seen a lot of stuff in CR0, usually come with ridiculous service charges. Thanks for all the responses. Even the Count's (has that got one letter too many?)
  7. Been lurking and renting forever. I put in an offer of 215K today and got accepted. Single man who only goes outside when he has to. No desire for outside space. It's near forests. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/56043180?search_identifier=088fcbcce748642cc9dbe19cfb2d8f73 Why am I an idiot?
  8. Hi. 1st post from a hopeful bear. I suffer a little jolt inside every time I see the word lose spelt 'loose'. PLEASE STOP IT. Ta.
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