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  1. According to my statement, 67%. I'm 54 though.
  2. Cheaper but then add bills and my pipe dreams of affordable flooring. I'm happy to pay a bit more to close the front door in the world's face. And then not pay rent when 70.
  3. This is who I meant to quote. Hi Schlomo. Loving your work.
  4. I think it really did. It educated me (as much as my denseness would allow) about considering my money and my options and my ridiculouus bad decisions.
  5. Just wanted to tell you. 2 bed terrace in Kent. Bit tatty. Like me. Thanks for all the doom mongering/optimism over the years.
  6. I thought that after I'd posted and can't work out how to delete this post.
  7. My decision making process has left me at the mercy of landlords for years, I think a lack of landlord would be an improvement.
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