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  1. Yes the central thesis is that prices have not inflated they are simply different, and we have to accomodate difference in todays society by cutting interest rates...
  2. I can't see that doing any good - with broadband it's all on the hard drive
  3. but there is something to be said for a strategy that most (hairdressers/shoeshiners) would recoil in horror from
  4. It is easy to fall in love with a property and start to imagine where you would put the furniture etc - the above advice is sound, you also need to be happy to forego the potential savings of waiting a little longer - as has often been noted on this site it has been really easy to forget how expensive money actually is, I have found propertysnake to be useful when having such domestic conversations - seeing local properties dropping more than 20%, already, gives pause for thought.
  5. I was in Brighton at the weekend - first time for a couple of years - last time down everyone was banging on about how clever they had been to get in on the market - now the most optimistic comment was "the markets flat"
  6. Curious language - "prices are tumbling" - so clearly past the brink
  7. Clearly entering the later part of the 'Denial' phase - all good
  8. Interested in your view on the prospects for warwickshire - clearly there has been a great deal of new build 'mono culture', but fewer appartments than more urban areas - do you have any early indications of speed of HPC locally?
  9. So what would the real money fall need to be today to create that effective 50% fall over 5 years?
  10. 30% nominal drop makes sense as something of a hedge against further falls and the length of time needed to return to purchase price. Certainly worth a try and all helps to change sentiment!
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