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  1. Just a small anecdote that put me in a good mood last night.On the road I live on,one particular house went up for sale(I would guess about si months ago),for 225K.I thought it was quite overpriced at the time.Surprise ,surprise it hasn'nt sold, infact a couple of times the for sale sign has dissapeared and then reappeared- with the same agent.Recently it has been reduced by 5K. Anyway in this week, the next door neighbours has also gone up for sale-identical house, with a different EA, I thought it might be 5K less,or the same price,however its for192.5K! Brought a smile to my face.
  2. Most men can't even cope with one woman never mind two!There is also the issue of potentially providing for two sets of kids has well-more expense!
  3. Sorry to be thick-but what does this mean for us, apart from more pressure for BoE to raise rates?
  4. Agreed,what about the news of 02 creating 1500 new jobs?Sorry don't know how to post the link.I think it is appropriate to post about job losses ,but at the same time we should also include new jobs created- this way we will get a more balanced picture of what is happening!
  5. ImupNorth,I was feeling similar to you recently.I previously posted that nothing much was shifting in my area.However sine then I have seen signs of movement-mostly at the bottom end ,but also some at the top.On checking EA websites,some properties have sold,but compared to this time last year , little.On my journey home from work,all the houses in my town display a 'Sold' sign,they are all at bottom end of market & sold quickly.I also (only today) heard of a 4 bed extended semi going for full asking price within a week. Having said this ,recently I visited a friend who lives more towards
  6. Ican't imagine prices will fall by 50% in 6 months-unless we have complete economic meltdown.
  7. Looking at the BBC page on the link, I find it hard to believe average wage for Hynburn area listed in lowest paid areas- it still seems to high has average wage for this area.Burnley & Nelson wages are still lower!
  8. I was expecting a spring bounce around here-there are not many for sale signs around.However looking at estate agents websites nothing much is shifting-little is under offer.Supply is definitely increasing.Maybe I should have posted this under North-West but that is such a big area with many variations!A site of new builds has recently added stamp-duty and carpets paid for in their deal.
  9. I was expecting a spring bounce around here-there are not many for sale signs around.However looking at estate agents websites nothing much is shifting-little is under offer.Supply is definitely increasing.Maybe I should have posted this
  10. This EA may well want to market below current market value has part of this offer.There was a similar offer around here sometime ago by a newly set up EA.The EA basically gives 2 valuations , one for selling in guaranteed fixed period(substantially lower) and one for conventional sale(higher|). Incidentally there is a firm advertising £99 to sell your property in the Blaskburn LPS this week, but there is no time limit or guarantee to sell.Also flicking thro' the supplement little seems to be selling.
  11. I had noticed this approx 2 months ago,that propetry at the lower nd was selling((East Lancs) but none at top end.However in the last months I have seen afew properties go SSTC from 200K-400K price band-Johnny Law.
  12. Completely agree with Mercenal.Approx 18 months ago if you went into an estate agents there were always another ( on average 4 other )customers present.You had to queue to see an assistant.Also you were very hard pressed to find a property that was not under offer. Infact I remember asking if that was all they had on a number of occasions(honestly I am not making this up).The phones were constantly buzzing and I personelly remember an EA asking a potential vendor 'how much they wanted to achieve in terms of asking price' in Reeds Rains.At that particular time I remember thinking this is madnes
  13. 7 page article roughly saying few buyers,unrealistic asking prices and estate agents in financial trouble, if things don't pick up.Most bearish report I've seen on Ch4 teletext.Remember not to long ago headlines like 'Houseprices back on the Boil'.Apologies if this has been posted before.
  14. Sorry can't say I have,but its in an area that my hubby is very familar with and knows some of the people living there.Can only go by what he told me.
  15. Actually I know of various counciltenants that bought there council properties for has cheaply has 9-12K and then sold them on last year for between 60-70K!Ludicrous.My hubby was actually telling me of people, that had somehow fiddled the system and bought mutiple council properties for next to nothing.
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