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  1. My dad worked for rover/austin/leyland for 35 years - from when he was 15 until it folded. He worked hard, had 2 weeks off sick in his 35 year career with them, contributed ideas to the company suggestion scheme and of course he paid into the pension scheme. When Rover folded the first thing that happened was that he was told to hand back the car that he was paying for on the employee scheme (or he could have shelled out a few grand to keep it), then began the battle for his pension. He had planned on retiring about now, but thanks to those charlatans and thieves he has a tiny, tiny pension
  2. The government have f*cked up the school system so they now want to f*ck things up for the people who want to remove their kids from the f*cked up school system. My children all attend good state schools and I've no desire to home ed. but I think that the proposed interference is outrageous.
  3. Live in the woods with the tin foil hatters?
  4. I've worked in the private sector, and if I was required to work over my contracted hours I got paid for it. What job do you do reaper - tell us what profession encourages such bitterness, bile and an inability to spell...
  5. Injin, assuming that you aren't some sort of yoda like hermaphrodite, do you have kids? If you had kids would you send them to school? Also, do you have a job and live in a house like a normal person or what?!
  6. Injin, are you a real person? I'm becoming more and more convinced that you're some sort of anarchist fortune cookie...
  7. It's only the NUT that are calling for such things. But in principle somethings got to give. Either amend working hours or pay teachers for the work that they do. They're paid for 38 hours a week - ( by the way did you know that aside from the statutory 28 days the wonderful 13 weeks of holiday are actually unpaid) My husband essentially does 30 hours a week unpaid - and it's not because he's unproductive, or can't manage kids (I so want to roll my eyes at some of the comments on this thread) it's because of management ********. Ordinary classroom teachers probably do in the region of 15 - 2
  8. Yes, I too am laughing at the notion that teachers aren't innovative!! I so want to get some of these tools here into a classroom, and watch them squirm!!
  9. What job do you do then? Go on, open up yourself to scrutiny. It's funny how this whole teacher bashing thread has totally discounted the fact that during the 'boom' teachers lost 6% in pay... Yes, when my husband was picking up £832 a month in 1997 and working 3 nights a week in a pub to supplement our income we were so f*cking lucky. D*ckwad.
  10. Colour me stupid but I don't understand the bull/bear thing on here. There, I've said the unsayable.
  11. I reckon teachers are subject to more scrutiny than many other jobs in the private sector. Not just in their professional lives but in their private lives too. When teachers are getting company cars, gym memberships, share options and gym memberships in addition to their hard earned salaries then people might have a case about pay.
  12. My husband has no problems with pupil behaviour. It's unrealistic expectations from 'the powers that be' that irk him. In fact, the higher up the greasy pole teachers get (i.e into the realms of school leadership) the shitter they tend to be at dealing with kids. You can lead a school apparently if you're shit at classroom management - just so long as you can speak da management ******** and crap out spreadsheets... FTR, my other half is noted as an excellent teacher by OFSTED and the LA - in fact he's always been noted as excellent in observations and he's only taught at inner city sink sc
  13. The problem is that by and large school is seen as the great child care provider in order for parents to be economically active. Scrap schools and you'd have more non-productive parents which would wind all you HPC'ers up even more.
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