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  1. Well, will need to see from what price to start with, to what price your brother in law has lowered his price. You put a similar post to this long time ago, and as you dont explain further, I can just imagine it, if he bought over the tops, then he probably wants over the tops in an attempt to get his money back and he maybe has lowered from superhigh to very high - we dont know that because you give no more details Why dont you tell us where is he house, number of bedrooms etc and how much he wanted on the first place and how much he wants now so that we can judge with enough elementes. And
  2. I hope this post is okay guys, after all this is an overseas investment forum, correct? 210000 Euros - £140000 Torre del Moro / La Mata, Torrevieja 2 Independent Bungalows for the price of 1 - Great Investment Opportunity 100% mortgage GUARANTEED for this property - only buying fees required Double bungalow for sale: Its only one property but it has two of everything making it like two totally different and independent houses each with its OWN ENTRY. IMAGINE its rental potential as you can live in one and rent the other, rent both or live yourself in such a big house. Please note this
  3. Alfie, overdevelop and land grab laws CANT go together Now, of course Spain could get hit by a bust, nobody is safe. I am the very first person annoyed to the prices of the houses in Spain. Of course the house in Spain are TERRIFYINGLY expensive but where arent they?
  4. Hello David and sorry for the delay in answering back - never got a notification that it was replies to my post Torrevieja, is nothing YET like a Benidor, Malaga or similar thought the way it goes it eventually will get there but still MILES TO GO Anyway, you still need to cater for peoples need of work. ie, no everybody moving abroad is already retired and with the rest of their lifes pretty much economically sorted. These not into the above category, I assume you amongs them, I would not advice to move into a totally spanish enviroment UNLESS they speak a decent spanish or else they will
  5. You are totally correct. But if you read the start of my message, prices has settle now, at least in Torrevieja But there is more to it. I has now moved over there to live permanently (still coming here too now and again). British people keeps buying but thinking that Spaniards will lie to them, and also due to the language barriers, they buy from their British countryman which, not all, but many, are really charging them ANYTHING and I really mean anything I thought, since at the end of the day this is not going to be stopped, if somebody has to made the money, at least I do it myself, WHI
  6. Hi, at least in the Torrevieja, Costa Blanca area, where prices are now very reasonable due to big offer, we are able to offer to UK citizens a mortgage of 95% loan to value or even higher This means, that due to the way things operated in Spain, you would be able to buy many selected properties with very little deposit and in some cases no deposit at all. In some cases, even the associated costs of buying in Spain (around a 10%) could be cover for the mortgage Please note that a normal Spanish mortgages for a no resident is around a 70% and althought many in fact claim offering a higer mort
  7. At that price, would not be a good invesment EVEN if was not danger of a price fall
  8. Would like to hear opinions regarding the "accusation" made that Gordon Brown is intending to introduce a 40% CGT in main homes after the election Please note that I said accusation in inverted commas. It not an accusation as such. I just cant find a better word to describe it *I am assuming that everybody heard about this. - except me which I just did - Hence I dont give further details
  9. "And it ain't half as expensive for Spaniards either I am not really sure what you are refering by that. Spain is not half expensive for us spanish people?, Uk isnt expensive for spanish people? UK isnt expensive for me personally? etc" Edward, just to clarify that when I asked the above, I was not "ironically implaying" that you were directly attacking me. your post was not offensive in any way (as you further confirm by your last post) and I simply was not sure what you meant, hence I asked then, when I told the history of how I bought my UK house etc, I didnt did so in respect of your p
  10. I am afraid that I have bad news for you. I believe that you must to have missunderstood the ea 15 - 20% is what a home owner expects in a falling market (ie, this few weeks ago). As things has turned again to what have been the norm for last few years, I doubt any seller will be prepare to accept anything less than a 30%, at least, without holding for a good while for a better offer Really, the vendors cant be blame, is the buyer the only one that can really be blame and do deserve to have its balls cutted to say the least (just jocking) for playing the game. For instance, see what xyz say
  11. Well, UNFORTUNATELY, just about a month after I started this post, I have to take off my comments and actually I had to eat my words Prices has rocketed again. There is not A SINGLE property at fixed price anymore (except for these very few at fixed price when I first posted a month ago) Is simply unbelievable. I am totally disgusted. I cannot believe my eyes, human nature is simply amazing. It takes sellers months and months to start accepting and realising that prices has dropped and even then, they drop their asking prices around £1000 at the time. Several months has to pass by before t
  12. I am not sure of the whole history but pretty much this is what I understood. The East Lothian Council (just beside Edinburgh) has come with a plan to help ftb's to get into the ladder. Apparently they intend to give interest free loans of up to £30000 to people who are on their waiting list for accommodation. These people can use that money as a deposit or whatever they see fit in order to purchase a house. *mind you we are in Scotland so £30000 is a good lump sum of cash) I believe that the loan receiver is not obliged to pay the loan (neither interest or capital) until such time in w
  13. And it ain't half as expensive for Spaniards either I am not really sure what you are refering by that. Spain is not half expensive for us spanish people?, Uk isnt expensive for spanish people? UK isnt expensive for me personally? etc I very much sympathise with your comments that there is a lot of immigrants over here, including me but if nothing else, I bought a house in UK with money worked in UK, left over after paying UK taxes etc if you know what I mean. Money for which I worked for in three different jobs, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years. All of these jobs, that nobody i
  14. Saw an ex council house which was only £5 less than the lovely place we've taken. It still smelt of fags, had disabled ramps front and back. All the work had been very shoddily done. It was a big stinking pile of crap, and even looked terrible from the outside. Add to that some chav style neighbours and its not a pretty picture. It seems pretty obvious that you are comparing a good non council property/location with a crapy council one. Is that a fair comparation?, should you not compare like by like?
  15. I live (owned) in a 3bed excouncil. Great location and even better neighboards, but even forgetting this two lasts and considering just house by house, I swear I would not leave my house to go to live of one of todays TINY detached houses even if I was given the choice to swap them for free In fact, one of the reasons I have not moved up the ladder in almost 10 years that I been living in UK is the fact that I simply cant find any "everyday" 3 bed detached house that worth half my home in living value
  16. This is not the only case/place where something similar happens and will not be the last. In the Valencia community, not just brits but anybody is facing (very little chance they have to win by the way) not only loosing their properties and land for good but also having to pay thousands to builders to pay for new builds, cost of roads etc Monday, November 01, 2004 EU homeowners and ambassadors challenge Valencian land laws. Valencia's most popular local newspaper, El Levante, dedicates one of its headlines this morning to a news item published by the Sunday Telegraph yesterday about the
  17. First of all I would like clarifying, that differently for what it may look like by my post(s), I have ABSOLUTELY nothing agains these non-spanish actually living full time in Spain. These share the good and bad of Spain and they do NEED a house to live in, but to these that are buying on it simply as a personal investment, or to finance a holiday lifestyle, I am sorry but I cant hold any sympathy for any of you which using your bigger buying power are letting so many Spanish people totally unable to buy a home on their own country. Thursday, December 02, 2004 Spanish property market tax fra
  18. Thursday, January 20, 2005 Price of houses in Spain It looks as if the prices of houses in Spain are at last starting to come down. Yesterday the Housing Minister, Maria Antonia Trujillo, said that latest figures published suggest that trends in the Spanish property market were starting to change. However, Trujillo declined to make any concrete prediction regarding a possible drop in house prices, or to comment on the possibility that Spain may soon be experiencing the same sort of downward trend in property prices as that experienced by the real estate market in Britain. She measured her
  19. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of my inland sanctuary in Spain. Peace, mountians with wonderful views (can even see the sea at a distance) Walks, lakes... Yep, keep buying over there and you will see what's left of the views for the time you move there. and health service far superior than the uk. In your dreams
  20. I suppose you are right To be honest, is just my fault anyway. I am used to British people reacting this way to my name and I should simply have choosen a different handle but really jokes don't bother me at all as long as they remain jokes (mind that to be a joke has to be funny and they dont get too tiresome Speaking my name is okay as it spells HE ZUS (more or less) but in writing is a different matter
  21. The above happened just last week from this post. Then, a week earlier, a two bedroom terraced villa - around 3 years old - no huge but veeeery nice and in a SUPERB location. Probably the more upmarket location in West Lothian today, was stuck in the market at fp £92 (fixed price - first paying that money get the house) for ages, following a long time that stud in the market at oo (offers over) £8+ *mind you that a house oo £8+ is expected to sell for much more than fp £92 whatever, I went to see the villa - in principle just out of curiosity to see if it was a reason of why it didnt so
  22. Guys - what's with my name? :angry: I should have kwnon better and used a different handle anyway but in the time I lived here don't stop surprising me that yours can get so..."whatever" after a name that in the Spanish speaking population (I believe no shorter than the English speaking community) is as ordinary a name as John, Jimmy, Peter, etc is in English?
  23. For all you know they could be making low offers that are being accepted which could be one answer to your question
  24. Now that's an interested thought which could well happen anyway between joke and joke I really dont hope for bad for anybody but I would like when I return to Spain in few years time to be able to buy a house at proper prices not insanely inflated prices and if for that to happen a few/lots of people, regardless if they are British, Spanish or from China for that matter, have to loose a lot in the procees, so be it if you know what I mean
  25. Bought a huge (compared with today) 3 bed terrace in 99 for 39000 with no deposit. My wage them was not giving me enough for my cigarettes smoking and bills, let along for a mortgage which were £230 I was earning £12000 year working 12 hours 7 days a week Could have hardly afford them 1 bed flat in edinburgh I dont know where I got the inspiration from but had the vision to buy on the outskirts of Edinburgh then, as thousand of people has done in the last couple of years, and did the following: Rented out two of the bedrooms upstairs (to same person as bedroom and livingroom). Like livi
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