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  1. Well, will need to see from what price to start with, to what price your brother in law has lowered his price. You put a similar post to this long time ago, and as you dont explain further, I can just imagine it, if he bought over the tops, then he probably wants over the tops in an attempt to get his money back and he maybe has lowered from superhigh to very high - we dont know that because you give no more details Why dont you tell us where is he house, number of bedrooms etc and how much he wanted on the first place and how much he wants now so that we can judge with enough elementes. And if the price he wants is right you could then give me his phone number and we could maybe sell the house for him like we sell several houses every month Thanks
  2. I hope this post is okay guys, after all this is an overseas investment forum, correct? 210000 Euros - £140000 Torre del Moro / La Mata, Torrevieja 2 Independent Bungalows for the price of 1 - Great Investment Opportunity 100% mortgage GUARANTEED for this property - only buying fees required Double bungalow for sale: Its only one property but it has two of everything making it like two totally different and independent houses each with its OWN ENTRY. IMAGINE its rental potential as you can live in one and rent the other, rent both or live yourself in such a big house. Please note this house is back to back with my very own house - literately - just in case somebody ask why don't I buy it if I believe it to be such great investment. I ALREADY HAVE bought a similar one The property have: - 2 separate independent door entries - 2 Livingrooms - 2 Kitchens (1 is incompleted) - 2 Bathrooms - 2 x 2 Double Bedrooms - Private Secluded Garden - Big Trastero - Small Patio - Porch - Large Communal Pool & Gardens 30 seconds away from the property - Off Street Parking right beside the house - The property comes semi furnished The property is located in one of the best and more upmarket areas of Torreblanca. The Urbanisation itself is private, secluded and keylocked as is residents are a mix of Spanish and British people The following are walking distance from the property to: - C. Pool = 30 sec - Torre del Moro = 5 min - Bus Stop = 3 min - 2 Best Beach in Torrevieja = 10 min - Fishing Beach = 12 min - Town Centre = 2 miles - All amenities (lots of restaurants, shops, kiosks, supermarkets, petrol station, etc, etc, etc) = 3 min 100% MORTGAGE Due to this house high valuation, a 100% mortgage is guaranteed on this property, meaning that all you would need to put down are the buying fees or perhaps even less We will arrange the mortgage for you - NOT FEE CHARGED FOR THIS and RATES AS COMPETITIVE AS IT GETS All you will need to supply is: EMPLOYED - 3 Latest payslips - P60 - Passport copy SELF EMPLOYED - Bank estatements - Last Tax Return - Passport copy - ACCOUNTS NOT NECESSARY - UK CREDIT CHECKS WILL NOT BE CARRIED OUT Por lots of pictures and more details about this property (or others) and for details about a 100% mortgage, please contact directly [email protected] or email UK mobile at 07986 731976 *Once more, I belive that this post is appropriated as this is "oversea investments" BUT should not be appropriated, please feel free to take it off and PLEASE accept my more sincere apologise Thanks
  3. Alfie, overdevelop and land grab laws CANT go together Now, of course Spain could get hit by a bust, nobody is safe. I am the very first person annoyed to the prices of the houses in Spain. Of course the house in Spain are TERRIFYINGLY expensive but where arent they?
  4. Hello David and sorry for the delay in answering back - never got a notification that it was replies to my post Torrevieja, is nothing YET like a Benidor, Malaga or similar thought the way it goes it eventually will get there but still MILES TO GO Anyway, you still need to cater for peoples need of work. ie, no everybody moving abroad is already retired and with the rest of their lifes pretty much economically sorted. These not into the above category, I assume you amongs them, I would not advice to move into a totally spanish enviroment UNLESS they speak a decent spanish or else they will struggle to make a living. They will struggle with a SUPER command of the Spanish, let alone not speaking a word or near nothing of it Please note that I only been twice to Torrevieja, I did so because is still one of the few places in Spain (I am talking coast and I am talking so for a reason) where you can still afford to buy a near decent house for your money I was expecting pretty much the sort of comments that you are making but very nicely surprise I discover that is nothing like what I thought it would be. So much so that I bought my own house in there For these who wants to know, I bought two houses in one for £110000 This is, thought within the same garden, (which is also divided in two) two totally independent entrances, two livingrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 full bathrooms, and 2 x 2 double bedrooms and one porsch I will be living in one and renting the other and pretty much the mortgage should pay itself, THOUGHT I have to admit that there is now a lot of competence to rent in Torrevieja Regarding integration, speaking the language etc, let me tell you than 70% of the population of Torrevieja speaks spanish and is formed for Spanish (mainly) and some sudamericans people The other 30% fair enough are brits, germans, etc, BUT LETS FACE IT I need these for a living and I believe that you would need them to if as you say you would be moving to Spain some day Please note the above remark is being made in the BEST sense of the word Jesus - you say that property prices have now settled down in Torrevieja and that NON nationals can have a 95% mortgage. How are you going to manage this bearing in mind that 70% is normal? When I last investigated this, it was law that NON nationals could not have more than 70% mortgage. Prices in Torrevieja are now settle thought many owners still in denial but hey, that happens everywhere Regarding the mortgage you are right that non-nationals are only allow to a 70% mortgage, BUT HEY THIS IS SPAIN, if I tell you that I (THROUGHT A TOTALY LEGAL SPANISH LEADER BANK) can give you a 95% mortgage is because I can Dont ask me how, if you want a totally legal, 95% mortgage to buy a house in or around Torrevieja, let me know and I will get it for you, at very normal rates and even if you are self-employ and without accounts. FULL STOP I, for one, would like to know how this is going to be achieved. More details please. U interested in knowing for good buy a book - please no offese - if you want a house with a 95% mortgage contact me privately I am editing this thread as I have just found this link elsewhere on this forum. 95% Mortgage I have the pleassure to have been talking with this chap in the past - very nice person by the way As for whatever method I may use, I really dont think I have to openly explain to anybody - no offense for this please I am offering something totally legal, endorsed by A LEADER SPANISH BANK of SUPERB REPUTATION and I dont see why I should explain the details of it All that anybody needs to know is that you would get a 95% mortgage, with no fees, with totally normal rates and even better than many other banks and that THERE IS NOTHING TO PAY in front, OH YES, and that our percentage in any sale is VERY LOW compared to others and that WE PUT NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER and, and, and.....honestly, can see why should I explain further.....do any british bank go throught explanations about their mortgage?, they give it to you or not, they give you the facts (namely figures to pay) and that's is about it I believe, rightly or wrongly Jesus (and yes I know how to pronounce that name in Spanish), that this is the method of loan arrangement that you have been referring to ? If this is so, then if the LTV placed upon the property falls way below the asking price of the property, how are you going to assist in making up the shortfall? PLEASE NOTE no eveybody can offer this as practicallySpanish banks, now, like brits ones, are lending in purchase value, no longer in Not sure if I understand exactly the other question of you. What you meant? are you asking me that if somebody buy a house and the house devaluate, are you asking me to bear the lost for the house?, surely that's not you are asking me, cant be, you seems more inteligent than that. If is that what you are asking David, do you mean that I should ask them for their winnings if the houses increases in value I dont know what's to happen to the future of the houses, I am not a financial adviser or anything like it Is very easy If you want a house that cost £100000 in Spain, you as a British have to put £30000 + another £10000 buying cost = £40000 You can buy the same house with me but only having to have ready on cash £15000 or even less SAME RATES, SAME BUYING FEES, NO PRESSURE, SAME HOUSES, NO MONEYS ON FRONT....What happen, are you applying the old say, if it sounds too good must not be truth? WELL, ON THIS CASE IT IS TRUE
  5. You are totally correct. But if you read the start of my message, prices has settle now, at least in Torrevieja But there is more to it. I has now moved over there to live permanently (still coming here too now and again). British people keeps buying but thinking that Spaniards will lie to them, and also due to the language barriers, they buy from their British countryman which, not all, but many, are really charging them ANYTHING and I really mean anything I thought, since at the end of the day this is not going to be stopped, if somebody has to made the money, at least I do it myself, WHILE PROVIDING, a service and value for money that they (British) are not going to get from their own countryman in a million years
  6. Hi, at least in the Torrevieja, Costa Blanca area, where prices are now very reasonable due to big offer, we are able to offer to UK citizens a mortgage of 95% loan to value or even higher This means, that due to the way things operated in Spain, you would be able to buy many selected properties with very little deposit and in some cases no deposit at all. In some cases, even the associated costs of buying in Spain (around a 10%) could be cover for the mortgage Please note that a normal Spanish mortgages for a no resident is around a 70% and althought many in fact claim offering a higer mortgage, at the true time, are very little these with the needed resources to make the thing work Additionally to the above, you are ASSURED you will be paying just normal commissions as you will be dealing with a Spanish company which is happy enough with making a "normal living" instead of charging way over the odds as many (prefer no comment more about this). You are also GUARANTEED that in no time you will be put under any kind of pressure to buy whatsoever and that at all times, you would be with a personal Spanish/English translator (myself) that would keep you right and inform at any step of the way We do not pay any inspection trips since our commissions are really minimal Should you like more information, please dont hesitate contacting me at (UK number) and I should be able to give you an answer of your ability of getting such mortgage in just a few hours 01506 493175 07986 731976 or email [email protected] with your phone number I hope this is allow on this message boards, otherwise, moderator, please feel free to delete this post and PLEASE accept my apologise
  7. At that price, would not be a good invesment EVEN if was not danger of a price fall
  8. Would like to hear opinions regarding the "accusation" made that Gordon Brown is intending to introduce a 40% CGT in main homes after the election Please note that I said accusation in inverted commas. It not an accusation as such. I just cant find a better word to describe it *I am assuming that everybody heard about this. - except me which I just did - Hence I dont give further details
  9. "And it ain't half as expensive for Spaniards either I am not really sure what you are refering by that. Spain is not half expensive for us spanish people?, Uk isnt expensive for spanish people? UK isnt expensive for me personally? etc" Edward, just to clarify that when I asked the above, I was not "ironically implaying" that you were directly attacking me. your post was not offensive in any way (as you further confirm by your last post) and I simply was not sure what you meant, hence I asked then, when I told the history of how I bought my UK house etc, I didnt did so in respect of your post, as, as you well say, you never gave any impression that you objected to me being here so that was not even an issue I just wrote that in advance as a some sort of explanation or else anybody could have (and rightly so) objected to my very initial post under the grouds that I would have done myself in this country the very same thing that I am complaining that happen in my country guau, I think I am complicating this thing, am I? (friendly laught meant to go here but I just cant manage to add any of these smilies)
  10. I am afraid that I have bad news for you. I believe that you must to have missunderstood the ea 15 - 20% is what a home owner expects in a falling market (ie, this few weeks ago). As things has turned again to what have been the norm for last few years, I doubt any seller will be prepare to accept anything less than a 30%, at least, without holding for a good while for a better offer Really, the vendors cant be blame, is the buyer the only one that can really be blame and do deserve to have its balls cutted to say the least (just jocking) for playing the game. For instance, see what xyz says a few posts ago on this very thread. Despite he was unsusscefull, he still got the nerve to offer 80% over the asking price. Not offense intended to xyz but honestly, I rather sleep under a tunnel that offering somebody 80% over in a house where the starting asking price is already 20-30% over its real value
  11. Well, UNFORTUNATELY, just about a month after I started this post, I have to take off my comments and actually I had to eat my words Prices has rocketed again. There is not A SINGLE property at fixed price anymore (except for these very few at fixed price when I first posted a month ago) Is simply unbelievable. I am totally disgusted. I cannot believe my eyes, human nature is simply amazing. It takes sellers months and months to start accepting and realising that prices has dropped and even then, they drop their asking prices around £1000 at the time. Several months has to pass by before the original price has been dropped by say as little as £5000 - YET - it takes the same owners/sellers, simply minutes to expect so much more that they were originally asking for at the very first sign of newer activity in the market Is F***ING ridicuolous (excuse my language but cant contain my hanger to the situation) by looking at sellers behaviour, they really believe that their house prices rise several thousands each month. What's more, by looking around, one can easily see that from just a week ago from a static market to now, they believe they should achive at least an extra £10000 on their very original sale price *of course, any actual figures is just a wild guest for explanation purposes Anyway, here we go, nobody is any longer accepting any less than at least a 30% over and above their asking prices I am sorry, but they dont deserve anything but to loose thousands and thousands in a huge price crash for their bloody bare greed Mind you, I am a homeowner myself
  12. I am not sure of the whole history but pretty much this is what I understood. The East Lothian Council (just beside Edinburgh) has come with a plan to help ftb's to get into the ladder. Apparently they intend to give interest free loans of up to £30000 to people who are on their waiting list for accommodation. These people can use that money as a deposit or whatever they see fit in order to purchase a house. *mind you we are in Scotland so £30000 is a good lump sum of cash) I believe that the loan receiver is not obliged to pay the loan (neither interest or capital) until such time in which they sell the house purchased with the loan. ...Now my thoughts are: It this happens surely other Council's would follow. Problem could be...could this further increase house prices as non-affordability would not longer be so much of an issue?
  13. And it ain't half as expensive for Spaniards either I am not really sure what you are refering by that. Spain is not half expensive for us spanish people?, Uk isnt expensive for spanish people? UK isnt expensive for me personally? etc I very much sympathise with your comments that there is a lot of immigrants over here, including me but if nothing else, I bought a house in UK with money worked in UK, left over after paying UK taxes etc if you know what I mean. Money for which I worked for in three different jobs, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years. All of these jobs, that nobody in UK wanted to do. (cleaning pans and pots, looking after old people - that includes taking them to the toilets etc and cleaning a warehouse where I was in charge of the waste and rubbish Here, immigrants (at least me) buy homes to live in. At the time, wasnt my right and I am always very grateful to UK that allowed me to work and live on it. Today, owning a house in here is something that I believe I earned the rights to. (please note that I say this in a nice and humble way) What I am refering to on my posts is people buying "a business or a lifestyle" but doing so taking advantage of other peoples circumstances and in doing so, they are putting these same people in missery etc. To these, exactly as I feel for all these home (meaning living in UK) greedy homeowners and btl that simply are speculating to make a killing in a couple of years at other people xpenses...to these I said, I can only feel happy if I see their plans going to hell
  14. Saw an ex council house which was only £5 less than the lovely place we've taken. It still smelt of fags, had disabled ramps front and back. All the work had been very shoddily done. It was a big stinking pile of crap, and even looked terrible from the outside. Add to that some chav style neighbours and its not a pretty picture. It seems pretty obvious that you are comparing a good non council property/location with a crapy council one. Is that a fair comparation?, should you not compare like by like?
  15. I live (owned) in a 3bed excouncil. Great location and even better neighboards, but even forgetting this two lasts and considering just house by house, I swear I would not leave my house to go to live of one of todays TINY detached houses even if I was given the choice to swap them for free In fact, one of the reasons I have not moved up the ladder in almost 10 years that I been living in UK is the fact that I simply cant find any "everyday" 3 bed detached house that worth half my home in living value
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