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  1. I, like my dad, have always read the local paper which comes on a Thursday night. Recently for the past few months the property section has been frustrating with a big front page trying desperatley to ramp up the market. However this section has been reducing and reducing until this week there is no property section at all. On top of that the paper has shrank more than half in depth propably due to a lack of adverts. Another section that I have notice a change is the second hand car market. Not only has the amount of dealers advertising lowered considerably but so have the prices. With BMW's, Audis and the like with low milage for this kind of car going for as little a £3000-£3500. I wonder how long papers like this that depend on adverts will survive
  2. i went looking at a 3 bed semi repo yesterday..on for 74k but no interest,,it was suggested they were open to offers...only problem is its ex council and although half the street has bought their houses the other half havnt and both neigbours are tennants...not saying its a bad thing but i might have trouble trying to sell if i wanted to move...any thoughts on this
  3. correct...if they wanted to stop people speeding they could do it within a month with harsh pusishments...if you are caught speedin you have your car taken off you and destroyed and you get a 5 year ban..ok i know its extreme but once a few people experience this it will stop speeding more or less immediately...but its all about the ££££'s
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQjHeh_quBY these men could have written gordon browns speeches....wo o o there's trouble in america
  5. Will you come and tell my mate that who has just lost 10k on his house sale..I think your right in what u say if you are selling now you are either desperate or a fool..the trouble is there are a lot of desperate people out there but by the sounds of things there are going to be many many more desperate people
  6. I think setiment is changing drastically...it is in my area anyway (north west). I am renting at the moment as I refuse to take on massive amounts of debts. 2 of my very close friends have bought new builds in the last 18 months and we used to have heated discussions about the housing market and how I "was daft for renting". The same two people have now done a complete 360. One of them is trying to sell his house as he's split up with his misses and has had virtually no interest in the last 12 months. And the other is now advising me to stay put for at least 18 months ...what makes me laugh is the way they talk it sounds like they new it was coming for years and then I remind them of our pervious conversations only 12 months ago
  7. balls to that for a game of soldiers..insanity springs to mind might get shot down for going off topic here but im about to move house (rented) and have seen one that I like but want to offer slightly less per month..is this seen as acceptable or are prices advertised normally set in stone?
  8. BBC just confirmed no deposits or withdrawals
  9. Hi I am an Health and Safety Manager based in transport and logistics and Im 31..Currently renting off a friend in the NW who is an accidental landlord for £250 per month. Im a first time buyer and currently managing to save around £700 per month for a deposit in 18-24 months. Fingers crossed
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