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  1. I live in Consett - there are loads of new build houses going up here. It is maybe a tad far out, although I know a few people from the Toon moving over here. Her indoors works over in North Tyneside, and her colleague at work has bought a new house in Shotley Bridge. DCC have decided Consett to be a dormitory town, and I think are set to get the majority of the 3000 houses to be built in the county. Plenty of brown fields to build on here due to the closure of the steel works.
  2. My mother told me, her father; my grandfather, bought his brand new 3 bed semi for 700 quid in 1929. At the time, his salary working in a shipping office was 350pa. So, he paid X2 his eanings. At the peak, I reckon that house would have sold for 200k. There is no way a shipping clerk now would be on 100k pa.
  3. That is the calculation I've made - it is cheaper to buy than rent I've also been a bit worried of late holding so much cash, inflation is eating it away
  4. I am one of those cash buyers, I've just bought a house for cash. I've been waiting for 18 months for a good enough deal for me to buy, now I think I've done that and got a small house for 45k. I still expect prices to fall, but I'm fed up not having me own place.
  5. Try Property Snake, they seem to show list/delist info. http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/postcode/sn4/2/curr_price_desc
  6. I already have a Euro account with Lloyds International, I've been looking at the TC and the charges, I can't see anything worrying. But I will check further.I will check my account value at Lloyds with the market price to see if there is any difference. http://www.lloydstsb-offshore.com/offshore-savings/bonus-saver/
  7. As far as I can see, moving money in and out of my account I get spot price. I've had a look at the TC's and I can't see anything.
  8. To be honest, I don't know what it is. I will check and post here later.
  9. I’ve just opened an off-shore US Dollars account so I can diversify out of sterling and the Euro. Looking at exchange rates, this looks a reasonable deal at the present. But, I’d like to ask what others think before I take the plunge? TIA
  10. So I could say then - if offer accepted I will be forthcoming with my proof of funds, but not before?
  11. I will remember that. I find it intrusive that people want to see my bank accounts. The EA's I've dealt with have been a bit snotty about the funds, asking to see it up front. But, I must admit I've not tried an offer without the proof. I will give it a go.
  12. As I am a cash buyer, when I've made an offer on a house, the EA wanted to see proof of my funds.
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