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  1. Is this an idea that was collectively invented and patented by HPC, of have FA's been advising it for years?
  2. It certainly does cost a lot of money if you are calling out plumbers etc every time you have a leak, but it's hardly brain surgery and far more satisfying to do the job yourself. I just fitted a new bathroom suite, with tiling and a new floor all in for under £300 - b&q wanted about 2k for the same job. Admittedly it did involve quite a lot of swearing (and the tiling is a little 'quaint' ), but I learnt a lot along the way, which is always a good thing.
  3. Did you work for Enron The 6% is a nominal interest rate, not a real one, you are comparing apples to oranges. That whole 100k debt has now devalued in real terms by 4%. See? - not just the 6k you paid off in interest. You now need to add that 4k back onto your -3769 figure to get a bit closer to the truth. incidentally, if I understand your example correctly (i/o, no deposit 6% on a 100k loan) it is misleading to talk about loss of wealth, as only the size of the liability has any meaning.
  4. If a loan is 6% and inflation is 4% then the real cost of finance is 2% Throw this in with a 7% nominal rise in hp's, with 4% inflation gives a real 3% rise So cost of finance taking into consideration inflation=2%, Rise taking into consideration=3% = Real Gain of 1% (and of course you get somewhere to live) Maybe 'basic maths' would be more appropriate reading to the 'money illusion'
  5. OK , I'll bite. Lets say that crash takes 3 years, during which time you are paying rent. It only fair to compare the first 25 year term with a 22 year term on the second, which changes the sums substantially. Also saving 50k in years in way beyond most people means, the poster said 30k, and I assume he already has a chunk of that saved. You also need to take into account 3 years of monthly begrudgemnt and resentment when you hand over your money to a landlord.
  6. Yup, there's a lot of good reasons there for HP's to continue. Surely there must be a correction at some point, but guessing by how much and when is a fools game, as many (and I include myself there) have found out. Anyone thats sat it out for the last 3 years paying rent has very little chance of seeing a return on their patience.
  7. House prices rise by 0.7% in a month (~£1000?), deposit may rise by .25% a year (~£50?) Don't you think a 'good day' is taking optimism just a little too far?
  8. Try as I might, I can't seem to find the story referred to as being on the bbc web site. When I put in 'eliminating the tax break for landlords' in the beeb website (Pg's quotation) I can't find it. I did come up with the nugget though http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1989326.stm Can anyone provide a link?
  9. I'm just hoping the flying spaghetti monster will smite them all.
  10. It's probably just a a plot led by John Travolta and the illuminati to counter the Rothschilds suppresion of the gold market.
  11. What happened to the other response on this thread? Did someone make RB a mod?
  12. Shocked to see the existance of BME's, I guess that answers the original question. I wonder how far a 'whites only' housing association would get?
  13. hmm, some of the earlier posts are beginning to look quite good value now...
  14. Who do we get to blame for care in the community? was it thatcher or new lab? Does anyone have an old x-files dvd set to keep him quiet?
  15. I would disagree with this, but I'm feeling far to lazy to do the maths:) Maybe you could show your workings?
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