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  1. My cup still over-floweth with remainer tears! I don't think it will ever run dry!
  2. read my post in the telegraph thread..... our time has come...
  3. Hello.... Most of you wont know me... some of you might remember me. I dont know if my post count/hpc stats still show or not. I used to be very active here. But eventually circumstances caught up with my principles and I bought. So I stopped posting in the main forum, although I occasionally lurk in OT. But my heart never changed through buying. Deep down. when you scratch beneath the surface. I am still HPC to the core. I have children. This place taught me so much. I was lurking here during the worst times (early naughties) and during the times of hope (late naughties)... only to watch the hope evaporate. I watched the HPs and the entire world economy pushed further into the madness. Why am I writing this post? Are you curious as to why? read on..... Of everything that I learned during my time here (and beleive me its like a phD in economics if you ever have the time), there was one thing that I always held on to as a certainty. The fact that one day, the priced out would outnumber the HPI blessed. I always knew that when this happenned.... things would change. In fact, I came to realise that ONLY when this happenned would things change. When the people who cant afford homes can outvote those who own, the price would fall. Like I say.... I have been getting on with my life away from here..... but today..... when I saw that the brexit camp were using hpc to bolster their argument....... my mi d was blown..... It has happenned. I am calling the top of the market.... Right here.... right now.... I am not starting a thread .... or for that matter rejoining the HPC ranks..... but mark my words..... when I saw the bremain camp threaten that brexit could cause HPC and the comments and feedback had as many "GOOD" remarks as "OH NOs".... and I then saw the brexit using HPC as a reason for Brexit...... Believe me. Our day has come.
  4. Just a quick note to say "Hi Count".. with regards from another old timer.....
  5. Oooh - I don't pop in here often any more...
  6. I have been lying low for a while on hpc. I don't know if I have been missed, but I feel a confession session coming on. I always said that I was an ftb, str, owner, and renter. And that was all true at one stage or another.(many at the same time) Well........ Well.......I've gone 100% into the debt slavecamp. I could justify it 20 different ways re money, inflation, the madness of governments etc, but the cold hard truth was closer to home as so many here have already observed. The sbn clan needed a cave. I blinked first. I was the last bear to turn bull. The markets stayed irrational longer than I could stay solvent. And now I am I'm a sort of hpc nomansland. I'm sorry guys.
  7. I have noticed a shift in public attitude regarding house prices in the last 6 months or so. Many more people seem to be asking/waiting for a collapse. Homeowners seem resigned to the fact that it might happpen. And bull's are much quieter than they used to be. Everybody seems to realise the dangers of an ever inflating market, and yet they continue to pump out the fls mantra, get the banks lending. I don't think the public want that anymore, and the disconnect is becoming obvious.
  8. Ah yes - a worthwhile bump - somebody needs to alert the spectator about this. And if they get no/unsatisfactory response, see what other publications think about their apparent inability to get Mr Prisk to answer the questions.
  9. At least its got rid of that ugly "House prices fall" headline. There's nothing auntie pravda does better than hide the truth from the eyes of the plebs. Well not since it paedo employing days anyway.
  10. Printy printy The BOE really didnt like the Nationwide data......
  11. I had a mahoossive portion of that on my way to work. Hmmm nutritious AND delicious!!! Not read by many, but the readership is considerably more influential than the 2 or 3 thousand Express readers! Right I'm off to the woods to unload!
  12. fooook! That's the biggest bear roar I'be heard on here in a long, long time.
  13. F ME!! Lovin that sales volume data! - that's gotta be hitting the EA's profits!
  14. Too damn right. More power to his elbow. I dont have Sky. I have to go without some of lifes little pleasures. Why should I pay for someone else to enjoy them out of my hard earned? Labour scum would have me work towards an early grave to keep the idle quiet, subservient, and of course, voting Labour. Dont get me wrong - if the Labour party were what they originally were - a party to support the rights of workers, I would be a fully paid up member, but they've transmogrified into something horrid. A party to serve their own champaign-swilling statist ends, by bleeding the souls of the underprivileged. Evil Pure EVIL.
  15. as per 2007, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 - if the trend is your freind - you're spot on.
  16. True, True I'm seriously considering Northern Ireland
  17. Gutted I didnt make one in 2011 for 2012 - would've been fun to asses it now. SO here goes for 2013 1. Gold to slowly ramp down to 1000 £/oz 2. Inflation for 2013 to be unexpectedly high at over 6% - inflation target abandonned and QE resumed 3. UK house prices to go down 10% nominal 4. EU to go printy crazy after one or 2 of the countries suffer massive social unrest (greece first, then spain) 5. US recovery as they rediscover domestic production and consumption and oil 6. Town centres in UK will not be a noce place to be - boarded up retail outlets and chavs - town center properties will be hit hard 7. No more riots as most chav scum are still locked up or at least more wary. But there will be increased pandering to the under 30's electorate by the political party's - expect increased tax on second properties/BTL (promised but not delivered). 8. Eastern uprising will calm down and unite against the west as US inreases pressure on Iran - perhaps strikes. 9. Kim Jong Un to do something stupid and get a severe spanking from china 10. Oz has lots of trouble - total HPC There we go - Nostradamus ain't a patch on me.
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