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  1. I disagree Eric, ab has already stated in a previous thread that some of what you say is correct, he just does not agree that all you say is correct, which is pretty balanced imo. best regards Carrington
  2. No, I think YOU know that there are, but "we all" implies everyone on the site, which is clearly untrue. Best regards Carrington
  3. You are wasting your time trying to reason with Eric ab, I am an independent broker and have gone on record as stating that there have been problems with corrupt brokers, which I totally abhor, but unfortunately the majority of people on this site do not want to know if there is anyone in mortgage sector who is honest and doing a good job, they just tar everyone with the same brush. So if you are waiting to get a balanced view, you will probably be waiting for a long time, which is pretty sad really best regards Carrington
  4. Hi Eric, nice to see you back, I was beginning to miss the liar loans thing in a rather perverse way, still, as I said before I wasnt a broker then so you cant blame me! - looking at the film it is disgraceful to see brokers giving this sort of advice and totally unprofessional, - I have been in the same position with regard to self cert mortgages many times and have had to tell clients who have been asking me to inflate their income that it is mortgage fraud - I am not saying that brokers no longer lie as there are always people in just about every profession that will bend the rules, but the lying is not purely from brokers. I dealt with a client around a year ago who had forged his own payslips and was claiming a salary way in excess of his earnings, and when I confronted him on this after looking through his recent bank statement, he said "its not a problem is it?" - insinuating that I should just go ahead and deal with it. Unfortunately, what has happened in the past has lead some people to believe that it is normal to lie in order to obtain a mortgage. best regards Carrington
  5. Prime lenders offer a type of self certificatiion as a fastrack service, so if the client requires a purchase or a remortgage to go through quickly it can be facilitated and the premiums will be no different to any other prime mortgage, ive just placed a fastrack deal with nationwide with no proof of income, the client had a 30pct deposit, his credit rating was high and the only requirement was proof of id/proof of residency. best regards Carrington
  6. I think there should be benefits in certain cases del, but if people are able to work and cannot get a job i dont think they should be payed something for doing nothing, there is plenty of work to be done and maybe if people were made to do some hard graft then they would be more keen to get a job..... i susupect Labour have a lot of votes riding on the unemployed, so i cant see Labour wanting to get their act together anytime soon. best regards Carrington
  7. Ive lived in a brand new house and a victorian house, in which i currently reside, and i posed the exact same question to a colleague winkie, his reply was that he preferred the 4 bed newbuild because it had a small garden and he didnt like gardening so it was easy to upkeep, and he could take the kids to the park to play football! I subscribe to the view that victorian/edwardian is best, as you say they have more character and larger plots which is important to me as I actually like to play with my own kids in my own garden! best regards Carrington
  8. I dont see people renting on a mass scale, there have been corrections in property prices before and people have always bought back in when prices get stupidly low and I think that trend will go on, no matter how great the crash is, I dont think it will be the same as the 60's when a lot of people, including my own family rented because they could not afford to buy. best regards Carrington
  9. The internet, when calculating quotes doesnt take into account lender criteria, it gives multiples based on given facts, I have just placed a deal with a guy who had been on the internet and credit scored himself 3 times with different prime lenders and got declined each time, screwing his credit rating up in the process - I have placed him with a prime lender no problem, its all to do with lender knowledge yogi, and even though deals are declining good brokers will do well in this market as lender knowledge will become more relevant the tighter the market becomes. I am not worried about my career, still I guess if things do get bad I could always get a job in the woodworking business, I mean you cant need much in the way of education in that sector if you are in charge best regards Carrington
  10. You are talking crap yogi, people go to brokers instead of wasting their own time trawling around banks and building societies, and having unnecessary credit checks done on themselves, which worsens their own credit rating. With regards to brokers being blamed by lenders, if the broker has kept all copies verifying income and outgoings (bank stats etc) then the banks have no chance of passing the blame. All my clients documents are filed on disk and backed up as required by the fsa. Oh and by the way I was a Communications Manager before I became a broker and most of the brokers I know are uni grads. best regards Carrington
  11. Not very often I agree with you bl, but you are absolutely right liars are responsible for the current crisis, - its a shame but wherever there is an opportunity to make money or indeed lose money there is greed and liars. best regards Carrington
  12. I will listen quite happily to people and take advice from anybody who knows what they are talking about, but you dont even know what the svr rate is at the moment and appear to be confused with regards to stress test levels administered by the fsa. I am qualified to advise on many other things as well as mortgages rp so although its nice for you to be concerned about my future going forward there is no need to be. I know the property market is going down the pan, just like you do, and that suits me as I mewed a long time ago in anticipation of this, and my rental property would be uneffected unless property prices droped more than 60pct, so I like many on this site am just waiting to pick up some bargains. best regards Carrington
  13. Just had my best month ever rp, but I dont rely exclusively on mortgage business, thats the key in this market old chap....diversification best regards Carrington
  14. Sorry to come in on the end of this debate bl, but technically papit is correct, the loan was in effect capital raising on a residential property, although I can understand where you are coming from.......whats that word again...obf obfus... best regards Carrington
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