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  1. I can't understand why you are selling now at all.. Have you been to Brentwood on a saturday afternoon?
  2. So what did I do..? I accepted the offer of course. Found myself somewhere to rent (quite easy and rents were reasonable – even here in S. East) and then, guess what? The offer was withdrawn! Damn it! The chain collapsed underneath and the purchaser decided that they'd wait to see what happened in the market. Oh, EA still very positive Thanks to all those who offered so much good advice
  3. 5,719.00 at 10.52 am that's down 3.10% -time to buy I reckon
  4. I worked long and hard for this "prosperity", in a coma for most of it, and I'm still doing so now. This isn't my first HPC! I just don't want to blow it all now!
  5. I think there's a lot of wisdom in that. Anyone who calls the bottom of a market is brave or a fool or both – being aware of how a situation will change over time is a, slightly, more realistic proposition. Property has changed from being a long term investment (that you really only thought about the price of if you wanted to move) to the madness of HPI and "flipping" etc. It's all part of the commercialisation of every part of life. Capitalism – darn it! I hope that when we have moved I won't give a damn about house prices, 'cept of course I will because we're all suckers. Will I feel bad if my house falls below what I pay for it (even though it's paid for with the vastly inflated profits of HPI) you bet I will. Will it matter in 10 years time? Hopefully not? Probably not. Getting a “good deal” is only possible when all parties understand the reality of the market. It's my contention that those with most to lose are the most reluctant to lose it - pretty obvious really - it's this that's keeping EA's in designer spectacles and keeping HPC patchy.
  6. This isn't country-country it's "nice" country. Everybody has jobs and everybody is terribly "nice" - believe me it still exists if you look hard enough!
  7. Estate agents sell your houses more quickly by demanding less money for them.
  8. Think I've been a bit too oblique. I'm moving because we live next to a big horrible city and we're in the position where we can live in the country. If we don't do it soon, my kids will be too old to benefit, time is pressing in that respect. It's just somethingthat has always been our lifeplan - exactly the same plan as my parents had in fact and countless others. So I suppose I'm looking for another type of security for my children - not financial but in their "lifechances".
  9. Thinking, now, that will accept offer if we can get a bit more out of them and then try to leverage a similar price cut on the next one. If that doesn't work we'll have to rent - with all its associated ills - and look at a spread of "safe" investments like NSandI to help pay the rent. Big thanks to all you HPCers! Will let you know if offer is increased tomorrow
  10. Yep, I've had a windfall (did I mention the 2.20 at Kempton Park) so if I str then ALL my worldly would be in the UK high street banks and that's what worries me!
  11. I don't know why it is, as soon as I start typing a post my spelling etc goes to pot. Someone (many would agree a brave and clever man) has offered 90% of my asking price. 10% of our asking price and I'd buy at least two myself!
  12. Thanks JAC Think I got unduly scared in the summer due to the rumours about A+L. Of the big boys, am I right in thinking that HSBC are generally the most secure in their exposure to sub prime et all? Cheers
  13. Think that my commonsense will ultimately outweigh my paranoia about banks - just as soon as I can get the tin foil off my head!
  14. Perhaps I should elucidate further. The house that we could buy next will be bought outright, so there's no mortgage issues - don't worry I know how lucky I am- so the renting would be an extra cost (offset by equity but still a "net" loss as renting is SO expensive £1600 pcm for our own house etc!) I suppose I'm trying to weigh up what is best for us - to STR and worry about (a lot of) cash in scary banks for maybe 1, 2 years? Or just sit tight and wait, sell ours, hope that all houses fall and then buy. I really expected big houses to fall fast and furthest. We keep getting knocked back on shacks that are 150k+ more. I was enjoying this HPC business, now I've got to make a choice I'm not so sure.
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