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  1. Lidar map and rendering - really nice job.
  2. Thanks, thats what i was looking for
  3. Hi, its been a long time since i've frequented these forums but happy to see its still going strong. Years ago there were some decent house price tracking sites that showed all the changes on rightmove etc, i can't remember what they were called and wondered if they are still going. It was crowd sourced, with a browser plugin or something similar if i remember correctly.. Any ideas?
  4. All that is based on the premise that the graph correctly represents this economic period or situation. It has been reposted so many times it's taken as factual; we should consider if it really represents anything useful anymore.
  5. It's a moral choice, you and your family have to live with your choice, no one else does, do what you need to do. If you took all morality out of it, the decision is simple.
  6. Maybe i missed it before, anyone noticed the new hp landreg website? http://houseprices.landregistry.gov.uk/ Nice heat map too
  7. It says some countries including Germany include part time and apprentice wages
  8. noyk


    it does have great access to the pub though
  9. This thread reminds me and i cant find the thread, but what happened to the secret money transfers via Barclays via china via some south east asian business man, anyone remember. I think someone in the lords raised some questions...?
  10. We have a bungalow purchased last year (approx 120sqm floor area), it's been absolutely fantastic for us and our 2 1/2 and 1 year old. We got a 1/4 acre plot which we would never ever have got close to in a normal house and because of this the privacy and feel of the house is much nicer. It also gives us the opportunity to extend outwards and/or convert the loft should we need to expand in the future... However, having always lived in houses or flats on two levels, for a while after we moved in I did slightly miss going upstairs to bed but this wears off pretty quick. The house was a state when we bought it so fixing it up was simple, if a lot of hard work, as we didn't have lug anything upstairs it made a small but noticeable difference! We have never worried about leaving windows open at night either (apart from for about a couple of weeks last year when there was the ridiculous scare surrounding the fox attack on the babies in london), but i suppose it depends on the type of windows you have.. Before we bought, bungalows were not top of the list of choices, but having lived there for over a year now i am very glad we chose it over the normal houses on offer, and would tell anyone to consider them equally alongside 2 story houses. As it was our first house purchase it was a bit of a gamble but we had been moving from bad landlord to bad landlord in past and it's a revelation that the only person i have to deal with or rely on now is me
  11. Mine forgave me (bought in April), but i bought them off with sandpits, slides and a soon to be tree house and new kitchen and redecoration. I have to say after living under the cloud of an idiot landlord i do much prefer owning (renting partially from the bank yes) and am really starting to enjoy DIY.
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