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  1. 3 years ago I told everyone "Let's forget presents and just give each other £20 cash", thus cancelling everything out and costing everyone nothing, highlighting the pointlessness of it all - the year after I said let's make it £30, then the year after it became a running joke so I said £50, hell you're getting it straight back so everyone can be generous, right? This year I've suggested £100 each. This where my 3 year plan concludes - I'm not going to send any gifts or answer my door or phone, I'll be too busy opening my cash filled cards.
  2. You can't, Rightmove have a limit on the number of returned searches now - 2000 from my experience. Only way around it (for large searches) is to do the search in blocks of £10k, again you could automate that.
  3. 'Unfortunately I don't need to spend money at the moment' Why is not spending money unfortunate? Buying nothing is always cheaper than buying something at 70% discount!
  4. Methinks some of you missed the joke
  5. I've never understood why people put unhappy smileys after news we've been waiting to hear..?
  6. Sorry to digress, but who drew the cartoon in your sig? Thanks.
  7. Someone once offered to paypal me £20 to sell my password/account, weird eh - I guess member #7 must command an even heftier premium!
  8. Mmm Baileys, so creamy beige, I'm drinking it from a shoe right now.
  9. What sort of stupid comment is that?! So I was supposed to have got myself a mortgage and a property aged 15? So anyone born now or in the future are damned for all eternity for not having the brilliance of being born at a set time? Nonsense, prices will correct, the market is cyclic.
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