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  1. Lambs to the slaughter, my friend, Lambs to the slaughter....
  2. If only there is a cheaper alternative to Windows.... hmm... oh yes, Linux! I suspect we'll see companies becoming motivated towards moving to a free alternative.
  3. "But you never think what it will cost when you agree to take the loan, do you?" Even better, when the creditors come after you after you have declared bankruptcy, tell them that you gave some of the money to your mother. Who would have thought that would be a bad thing to do?
  4. It's a surprise. But the bottom had fallen out of the market since digital photography took hold a few years ago. They should have diversified or merged with Jessops or the like. I would imagine Jessops on are on the hit list too though. High rent values with low margins on sales, and very competitive Internet retailers attacking their market share...
  5. Get rich quick schemes.. When they go wrong, it's always someone elses fault. This time it's because they were over valued! No,, you got suckered mate.. You wanted someone else to pay your mortgages as you sat back and made money for nothing. :angry:
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_P..._and_Propaganda
  7. Exactly, and that's why these people get paid so much, and that's also why the FSA has failed to deal with this impending crisis, as it wasn't able to pay the premiums demanded by these high calibre execs...
  8. "Survival of the fittest" This is the moment when all the brain dead who have just bought get to swap their homes for cardboard boxes.. At that point they will turn to nanny state and demand that it fixes the situation that they find themselves in, as they are too stupid to take responsibility for their own actions. We will pay for this through increased taxes and more pub. sec. workers - who incidently will accept that their plight was unforeseeable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survival_of_the_fittest
  9. just lost 20 grand on your most recent house purchase! .. but don't let that stop ya! ... jezus.. this is driving me mad.. is anyone in the UK actually believing this craap?
  10. just wait for the "where are they now" show in 2 years time! cardboard box probably! .. oh and fack off natwest... that's tax payers money paying for the sponsorship of loca x3 ...
  11. I knew she was stupid (tough) but I didn't know she was this stupid (tough)!
  12. Economics for the stupid.. Great opening start to the programme.. "Even in a credit crunch, people still need to buy houses".. No they don't krustie! In a credit crunch, don't touch 'em! ... They are overpriced and are bound to devalue.. why would you want to buy now?
  13. Ryanair do some good deals from the UK to Biarritz. It's about a 20-30 minute drive to the coast from the airport.
  14. Yes, the same newspaper printed the story that Anthea Turners husband has lost his buy to let empire.. So he hasn't benefited from the credit crisis. And he certainly isn't buying up more properties. Utter rubbish and contradictorary information from the daily mail. They should be ashamed. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10...dit-crunch.html
  15. The information will be used as part of the ongoing programme to revalue homes for council tax purposes. Their is the belief that a lot of homes are in the wrong tax band.
  16. I wasn't sure what the increase in repayment costs would be if interest rates returned to the long term average rather than the recent historically low rates. So I stuck a few search words in to google and found this website: http://www.jeacle.ie/mortgage/ I made some cost projections (visually and numerically) and I realised that property was way overpriced. It might -just- be affordable today (this was 2003), but a small nudge in interest rates upwards and the repayment costs balloon. 5 minutes of research and I avoided years of negative equity and possible bankrupcy. What were these people doing? How mentally challenged can people be? Never mind the BofE who seemingly were unable to stick the average wage into the same sort of simulator and realise that the average person is financially fcuked based on the figures. And now we face the possibility of financial meltdown. Idiots! But it is ok, just print some more money. No-one will notice...
  17. A quick google suggests that it is 82p. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/investing-and...mp;in_page_id=3 "If they were to fall by another 20% between now and 11 July - the last day on which investors will decide whether or not to stump up the new cash - the rights issue would be in serious trouble. The new shares are being sold at 82p each." They are in trouble.
  18. It's a good idea, but you need to be careful if you do this. If somebody borrows money from a creditor knowing that they have no intention of paying it back, then it is considered that the person defrauded the creditor of their money. If you go bankcrupt, then you have to prove that it was your intention to pay back all the money that you borrowed. Otherwise, it's criminal! I worked for a debt assistance company once. Basically this means that someone in debt pays them a few hundred quid for the company to fill out the paperwork for an IVA. Anyway, one person paid the few hundered pound fees with their credit card. - as they had no money left. Essentially that person was taking credit to pay for Bankruptcy, as in, they knew that they were never going to pay back the money. The credit card company took that person to the cleaners. The IVA was thrown out and they were charged with defrauding their creditors.. oops!
  19. What just happened? Gold has just shot up 1.89% ?
  20. How do you know? Did you read this somewhere? Some academic journal? Or are you just making stuff up in your head? I sometimes like to pretend that I am a formula 1 racing driver. But that is a dream in my head. It isn't really true....
  21. As Michael Winner would say, "Calm Down Dear, Calm Down"... :-)
  22. You are so misguided. Vote for Conservative because Lib Dem won't win and you don't like Labour? This is ridiculous. Just vote for the party that represents your view. Don't try and second guess the results. I am voting Lib Dem because they have a competent fiscal policy. The other two parties don't. Simple.
  23. I agree. I pop over to that place where goldfinger is now. I predicted that this would happen over there. Still come here now and again though.
  24. Chav's must be feeling the heat.. No new Chav uniforms this year. Just can't afford them anymore.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7349861.stm
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