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  1. Not quite my first post. But I am a n00b! Found the site via order-order and it has made interesting reading. I am a home owner but relatively late in life because I wanted flexibility and also to holiday and party for a while once I had eventually got a decent paying job! I was lucky to sell a one bed flat at a high point in the market which gave me a big enough deposit to buy a house with a garden (which I had long wanted). House prices have been crazy 18 months since buying my place I couldn't now afford to buy it judging by the prices for the last 2 houses sold in my road. I'm loving the discussions here so many interesting ideas etc which are never given the time of day in the MSM.
  2. If you have Sky you'll be able to catch this if you missed it. I saw this episode a few weeks ago and it's been on at least once more since then. I confess I love watching those property abroad pr0n shows and salivating over those lovely old properties with gardens and orchards, but I can't help feeling that the market for gite (and gite style accommodation in other countries) is about saturated. I can't imagine too many people make a living from it.
  3. If you can't afford a luxury townhouse, how about a contemporary coach house? http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/e-scape
  4. For £500k I hope they throw in the oil painting of the fighting emus.
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