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  1. You are either a joker or not all there. Check your Bloomberg terminal tomorrow - UK CDS on debt in GBP is zero bips
  2. What would you like to know ? Jump onto willmot forums and you ll see all finance instruments / swaps priced off the libor curve which is dependent on the gilt curve. When people talk about gilts being risk free - They really are. As much as you dont like it - The US and UK and credit safe and this is reflected in investors across the world continuing to buy treasuries. The fact that EVERY instrument is priced over and above gilts should tell you that market efficeny is in this market is most extreme. And given that the tories are definitely winning the next elections AND that the closing price o friday for that gilt was at a 52 week I am a buyer - In any case the volatility of these ETFs and very low - +-8%
  3. Says it all... http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20090526-713408.html
  4. Be very careful with hese - You have FX Risk which needs to be hedged correctly. If oil stays constant but sterling weakens that will be reflected in the ETF even if it is priced in sterling and on the LSE
  5. Your missing my point - Given that this excersise was to increase TCE and the shares have fallen by 50% does this mean that this has not had the effect? Does anyone work in regulatory capital know about this?
  6. So we know yesterday that Citigroup announced conversion of preferred securities into common stock since they wanted to increase their TCE. For weeks they have been saying that their tier 1 capital is the highest in the industry. Given that their stock fell 50% yesterday does anyone know the effect on their TCE measure which hey were desperate to increase. I see them being taken this weekend so brace yourself
  7. What is the salary for people with CTA please? Just out of interest more then anything...
  8. Can you please explain that? I will have zero savings and a big mortagage...
  9. I wouldnt be so sure - A lot more regulation will be required - This will mean a lot more analysts crunching numbers and looking at risk. Yes traders wont be taking home millions but normal analysts earning 70K or so will be in demand.
  10. I checked these forums out quite a lot and I am seriously peeded off now..... I have a pretty large deposit (100K+), work in London and in all likelyhood will probably get made redundant soon. I have taken out redundancy insurance which pays 2.5K a month for a year in the event of redundancy... Given that the state are now doing Income Support for Mortgage Interest on mortgages of 200K, I am seriously thinking of buying a place for 300k(paying 100k), and then using this scheme to pay my interest while I live a comfortable life. If I was made redundant I would almost certainly study a financial course (self study) CFA which would not affect my benefits. Can anyone explain why this is not a good idea? I mean this is one of the ways to get Gordon to put his money where mouth is Ideas?
  11. Does anyone know an ETF to short sterling and buy EUR? I cannot spread bet and can only buy ETF's... Anyone? Nothing on IShares
  12. Redundancy of 100K? What do you do as a job and how long have you been with the same employer? Do you work for RBS?
  13. Do you mind saying who you went with and how much the policy was - If I am nosy I d ask how long ago you took the policy out as well:D
  14. Given the recent redundancy rounds that have been announced I am surprised that no one has mentioned getting insurance cover to make sure you still have a decent quality of life when the crap hits the fan For those working in finance (and able to secure their job for two months) - This has got to be pretty good value for money £112 for £2500 a month insurance valid for a year - Personally I think this is a good deal What do others think here? http://www.postoffice.co.uk/portal/po/jump...ediaId=26000661
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