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  1. I'll keep a look out for this too but like you, imagine the rate will be rubbish. I assume if you open it while you are in the country then there's not a problem when you leave - but what do I know.
  2. Remember when million pound houses looked like million pounds houses?
  3. Nearly all my savings accounts with half decent rates have come to an end. My last NS&I account which was 5 years index-linked to RPI + 0.01% expires early May. It's just under £20k but I'm lost as to where to put it. They are offering a 3 year index linking to CPI + 0.01%. I know it's crap but there are no good options.
  4. I was thinking of buying a garage there (as you know there are several rows of them) and got speaking to a resident in the block of flats. Can't remember all the details but he said maintenance was dreadful, there were leaks which didn't get fixed etc. Can't remember all the issues but it sounded pretty bad and he was desperate to sell and get out. Didn't buy the garage as it was leasehold with lots and lots of conditions and costs.
  5. 62 Queens Crescent, price over £170k (under offer) Rightmove previous prices below. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/395729/62-Queens-Crescent/Aberdeen/
  6. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/394242/98-Leslie-Terrace/Aberdeen/ 98 Leslie Terrace AB25 3XB "price around £120k" Last sold 2007 for £310k. Ouch. https://espc.com/property/98-leslie-terrace-aberdeen-ab25-3xb/35198724
  7. Am clearing up my laptop and came across a pdf of 5 Marine Terr. I'd been interested to see what it was going to sell for as I seem to remember it kept being heavily reduced. Interesting price history. 5 marine tce oo450k.pdf
  8. Bet it's Fishers...nouveau riche. Fixtures and fittings are really cheap though.
  9. Pre-covid we would eat out about 3 x weekly. Have now got used to Waitrose deliveries and "cooking" at home. Not interested in going out to eat as it wouldn't be relaxing. Home made pizzas https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/northern-dough-co-original-pizza-dough/893403-307494-307495 and a bottle of wine in the back garden suits us at the moment. PS It's great pizza dough.
  10. One tends to remember (good?) story tellers.
  11. But but, I thought your AirBnB was doing so well and you imply you are such a wise investor...why would you be desperately trying to sell?
  12. 59 Oakhill Grange AB15 5EA. 60 metre square flat. Sold 2014 for £300k. Valued 2019 At £250k. Trying to sell July 2020 @ offers over £172k. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/384377/59-Oakhill-Grange/Aberdeen/
  13. 30-40% of Subsea7 personnel being cut. 300+ in Aberdeen going.
  14. Well there will always be those who have no scruples. No-one I know would stoop so low.
  15. ...and apparently Citylets is the place to go for renting now. Nearly 800 2 bed flats in Aberdeen to rent https://www.citylets.co.uk/results.aspx
  16. Hah, I noticed that too and I kept repeating it correctly after she had spoken. Was really weird.
  17. We looked at this flat the last time it was on the market (2013/2014). Gorgeous flat, lots of space (awkward to get up to the outside space) however the mutual hallway and stairway and maintenance of those areas were a disgrace. The service charges were large so goodness knows what they were doing with the cash.
  18. I agree regprentice...there are far worse places to live in Aberdeen than Torry and some nice looking flats at decent prices https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/387897/Flat-D---111-Crombie-Road/Aberdeen/
  19. Awful stuff, poisoning everything around it (including you). Just pour vinegar on the weeds or pull them (or leave them)
  20. Bargain hunters' paradise at Garthdee Farm Gardens at the moment. 34 Garthdee Farm Gardens sold for £363k in 2015. In 2019 it's just gone under offer at "price around £225k."
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