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  1. I wonder if RBS have asked for more money today to improve the balance sheet. I guess we will find out in a years time.
  2. These happen all the time. It's all show to make joe six pack feel alot better that congress people give him a telling off. Once recording is finished they give him a pat on the back.
  3. Osama just pleaded(bloomberg) with US Companies to start hiring otherwise it will only get worst. Edit. Shares are up he said.
  4. Wrong forum. People like to spout out their Pish about Gold and Dow here.
  5. Foreclosure numbers are rising in US. Is there any experts on here who can explain why this is? http://www.foreclosure.com/
  6. I have my party hat out. The Dow could be at 20k i still wouldn't give a toss.
  7. Just noticed that in the states, foreclosure numbers are shooting up. Question is, Will we see the same?
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