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  1. I know,and you are right, about shooting. Although ask a silly question and you get a silly answer, but they often trawl up some interesting angles at looking at things.
  2. Haa and the result of talking with Injin is usually the same ....just a gooey mess...
  3. Lot 82..Its like going back in time with the Morris Traveller in front, on that pic
  4. I used to like the E bay atmosphere but it`s become very commercialised and seems to be a market place mostly for shops and the professional traders nowadays. I hear people say that the overheads are still attractive in comparison to a real shop but by the time you have paid their fees and then paypals fees its around 14% taken away from anyone selling. I think twice now about putting anything on there. Now what were we talking about....oh yeah...house prices
  5. I just realised maybe you have blinkers on and for some weird reason think I`m talking of paper (Gold).
  6. I will take that as "I dont know" too. I just found this snippet https://www.kitcomm.com/showthread.php?t=62483 Central bank officials estimate that while Greek demand for the distinctive bullion has been rising by 10 per cent a year since 2008, its price has been soaring by more than 50 per cent. ..have you ever heard of the term "can`t see the wood for the trees" ? Now are there any Greeks in the house that can actually answer my question.?
  7. 25K sounds almost realistic in todays climate but 99p? naah
  8. Anyway it may be mortgagable. Its just that with auctions you need cash up front
  9. Scroll down to the Zoopla ad.......... quote : To be sold by auction by Countywide Property Auctions at Bma House
  10. I dont think people will. They will grumble and moan and then accept...
  11. I do not want to plot Euro against gold...re original question. If you do not know then don`t answer. PS reminds me of asking a woman for directions....ermm well you know that road down there.....dont take that....then see that road up there, well ignore that....
  12. I do not believe you will be able to buy for 25K. Probably more like 40 or 50K. They are going to auction and that is the guide price. I reckon they are just trying to get some publicity going...especially by putting on E bay
  13. I have never felt more concerned about the power of the state. If ministers are considering this, then we really are in a mess.....it`s dire.
  14. Does anyone here know what happened to the price of gold over the last two years in Drachma terms only please.... ? Up, down, sideways ??
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