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  1. Search SL1 as the postcode on Property Snake. You cannot search half the properties. Makes the point, how reliable?
  2. Could offer to work for free for a day/week/month
  3. Perhaps you ought to go on strike for longer hours and less pay.
  4. If you think teachers are overpaid and underworked, then why not become a teacher.... unless....
  5. My neighbour is obsessed with the catastrophic fall in house prices, and pointed me to Property Snake to prove the point. How reliable is this data? Look up the following link for a house in the centre of Slough (cente of the world?) which has experienced a 24% fall since July 2007: http://propertysnake.co.uk/site/detail/4311735 I defy any of the learned experts (and my neighbour) to explain the changes here, other than mega *****-up
  6. I started work in Wetherby (north of the Watford Gap for the southerners) as a graduate. salary £1100 in 1970. Detatched 4 bedroomed newish stone house on reasonable estate £3.5K. That was the going salary in 1970. A year later my salary went up to £1200, but the price of the same house went up to £12K. How do the theories measure now? Incidentally my parents bought a pair of 2 up 2 down country cottages part stone built with an outside loo in 1967. £1.2K the pair. had a very decent sized garden with garage. Took a year to knock them into one and modernise them.
  7. Thanks for the response, useful. Did speak to the company, they meant felt roof. Actually re-roofed it last year. It is 70 sq metres. Thought long and hard about a pitched roof, but cost at a min of £15K compared to £1.2K for a new felt roof, and the thought that we would be downsizing in 10-15 years health willing, and possible planning/building control implications sealed it. Better to keep the 14K in the bank or spend it (sorry kids). As well as adding 250cm insulation, I altered the pitch of the roof to give a decent fall and stop water pooling Why do they make flat roofs flat? I used high grade polyester felt with a lifespan of at least 20 years (can get 30 years now.) replaced the chipboard roof deck with tongued and grooved OSB (difficult to get, but non-standard joists necessitated), and ensured adequate ventilation to stop condensation which is often the cause of flat roofs failing. Considered hot roofing, but extra height would have caused more problems. Also in 20 years all the concrete roof tiles on the main roof will also need replacing, so a project for the next owner!!! As for the detached garage, (and workshop built on behind) it has its own alarm and secure door. A bit of clever electronics was added and while the garage alarm is quite independent, if the house is also armed, setting the garage alarm off will also set off the house alarm. Too far to use a radio link so it is hard wired into the house system using an underground link. Many years ago we got a new pre-cast garage built and when they came to make the inevitable repairs after a faulty assembly (long story) they jemmied the door open to get it. Perfectly legal said the police, but I do know how easy up and overs are to get into.
  8. 1st January is when our house insurance and two car insurances are due. Bad planning perhaps, but we budget for this. Spent some time looking for best quotations/quality policies and seeing whether is was worth getting loyalty bonuses. All in all saved about 30% by shopping around. However... Need to read the small print. For example, internet insurance quotes make many assumptions. One is "Your home is built of traditional materials" Thought our was. Some policies define the roof material as "slate, tile, concrete or asphalt" others stipulate "slate or tile". We have a part flat roof which would not therefore be covered by the latter policy. Would this allow the insurance to weasel out of a claim? A few companies specifically ask what percentage of the roof is asphalt, none would quote when a figure of 20% was entered. A second problem for home contents is items stored in the garage. Even when carefuly reading the on-line policy it is difficult sometimes to establish what is covered, and the only way was to phone them and check. Most companies only cover up to £2K in garages or outbuildings, yet these are areas which are frequently burgled. How much are all the garden/household items stored in your garage worth? (Being synical it wont be long before a full petrol can will be worth that amount.) A few companies do include garages and outbuildings up to the full quoted limit for home contents. In our case that is £50K. There were more surprises with the car insurance. The cheapest car insurance company I could find stated that cars would be repaired with recycled parts. Hmmm. One of our cars is a new small runaround, and many insurance companies offer a range of excesses for comprehensive cover. I had always assumed that the higher the excess, the lower the premium. Not so! Many companies did not reduce premiums on this car when the excess was changed between £350 and £0. I could have ended up with an excess of £350 yet not have saved anything. The moral here, see the effect of different excesses and don't just agree to the one displayed. Finally it did matter what sequence I took out the policies when looking for loyalty bonuses. Maybe obvious, but there was a higher bonus on house insurance than car insurance. The cost of each policy would need to be taken into account. Our house and one car were the same price, with the second car £100 cheaper. In my case it was best to do the small car first, then the house. With the second car it was cheaper not to use the loyalty bonus but go for a different quote which not only saved 15% but gave better features e.g free 90 days comprehensive cover in the EU, and free courtesy car.
  9. very good, BTW I didn't call you a retard

  10. Perhaps we will have a new generation of DIY TV programmes. People will dig up all the concrete and gravel so (un)tastefully copied from the makeover programmes and start to grow their own food.
  11. Actually Letsdance (!!!) lost a tenner a couple of nights before. In conversation I said I had invested in a good 3 year fixed rate savings deal fully expecting interest rates to fall in the next year. He said interest rates would rise as inflation was rising, and then bet a tenner interest rates would not fall by the end of next Feb. Being a retard I work on the obvious. Everyone was screaming the last time interest rates were raised that they had been raised too much, and there has been much talk of them falling. Indeed Mervyn King in the BoE quarterly review actually said prepare for several interest rate cuts next year. With all the doom and gloom in financial statistics in the last few days it seemed a good bet. Also being a retard, I tried to explain to Letsdance (love the name!!!) that the relationship between interest rates and inflation was very complicated, tenuous at times and depended on a large number of factors. Look at it from a retard's perspective, if all it takes are interest rates to be increased to combat inflation going up, and an interest rate fall to bring inflation down then inflation would be a doddle to control. As an aside, I was struggling with a large mortgage when inflation went through the roof and went above 15% many years ago. What actually happened was that salaries also jumped at the same rate, and within a few years my fixed payment mortgage payments had significantly fallen in proportion to take home pay and even increasing payments (which was voluntary as I remember) to ensure the mortgage was paid by the same date were still a much lower proportion of my take home pay. The question now is should I feel just a little guilty about taking his tenner. Probably not.
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