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  1. Hmm, pretty much everyone saying the same thing here (same for me too): 1994 - Great, I was young and at Uni. 2014 - Shite, I am old.
  2. Those figures are all over the place - wouldn't read much into that. The only figure that makes any sense is the first one: 07/21/98 Sold $1,150,000 $157 Public Record Still a 17 fold (ish) increase in 16 years though!
  3. This only worked because you did well/got lucky on your investments though? You could say the same thing if you sold the house and won the lottery with a pound you got from the sale.
  4. You know what, that is genius. Set up one of those numbers, and then go on the internet and sign up for everything you can find. Give the number as your contact number and make sure you tick all the "Let us contact you and sell your details" type message. I am very very tempted to do this
  5. It's just typical EA ********. They have to overvalue to get the comission from the deluded sellers, and then very quickly move the price downwards once the seller has signed the contract.
  6. Strangely, those figures are almost exactly what I was earning at those ages. I am currently 36.
  7. This absolutely had to be a Joke. I certainly hope so. Has the Guardian discovered irony?
  8. The article also states that the judge basically had no right to do this and the decision will get totally binned on appeal, so don't fret.
  9. Agreed - HMV.com is good. Saying that, I just bought a PS3 in-store the other day that was cheaper than anywhere else even on the web. It was quite a pleasant suprise actually.
  10. Why not just stay in the best suite they have in the Mandarin instead? It's got to be cheaper and better, surely?
  11. Building your own PC is a piece of piss and you can spec it *exactly* how you want. You might pay a little more than if someone else did it for you but it will be as good as you want it to be. If you're not confident enough to do it yourself, there are websites (dabs.com used to do it but not sure who does now) where you spec it out and they build it and test it for you for something like 25 quid extra.
  12. Had a bit of a shopping spree yesterday and bought a new PS3 and HD TV. Got what I feel to be a bit of a bargain on both (219 for the PS3 and 295 for the Samsung TV) and from what I have seen so far the quality is good. But... I also had to buy the attachment to put it on the wall so bought the cheapo one (it doesn't need to move) for 25 quid and what a performance. Firstly I had to drill some holes in the wall, but of course the drill bit I got from B&Q last time I needed to drill a hole is now a blunt piece of shit, so I have to go and buy ANOTHER drill bit. So I manage to get the holes drilled and then screw the plate to the wall at which point of course the fecking screw heads immediately get rounded out so although I just managed to get them into the wall, THEY WILL NEVER EVER COME OUT AGAIN! Jesus H Christ I HATE the quality of steel they make these pieces of shit out of. WHY oh WHY do they make screws out of soft cheese in everything you buy?? On a similar note I bought a pack of tools once from B&Q for about 3 quid or something stupid because I needed a hacksaw and it included one. So I went to cut the piece of metal tube (also some chinese crap I needed to adjust) and it blunted instantly. What the hell is the point of a hacksaw that cannot cut anything??? Anyway, sorry - rant over. In summary - the quality of steel in everything is utter shite.
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