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  1. I find that there is no liquidity (horse racing) on Betfair in the morning. Also, in certain races there is better value (each way, best odds guaranteed, paying out on disqualified "winners") with the traditional bookies. The only problem is keeping under the radar and trying to get a bet on.
  2. What is going on here.... Just been bombed I would love to hear the estate agent's sales patter on this one!!
  3. Couple of new links which might be of interest.... Jersey residents might have to retire at 70 tax avoidance for the rich
  4. Great reply! Spoken like a true Daily Mail reader.
  5. Unemployment in Jersey is about 3%. The finance sector lost 400 jobs last year.... My link
  6. Bit more info here regarding housing.... My link There are other categories for the wealthy..... My link
  7. ___________________________________________________ Dandara have a free run of the place.. There have been a few mentions of IRA money laundering, allegedly. Another topic, what is the scam with Tesco selling DVDs/Cds etc from Jersey? VAT scam or something?
  8. The average price of a home is now only £473,000 My link
  9. My link Note the comment from ByGeorge. I had the same experience.
  10. Story in The Argus............ http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/4498459.Ant..._estate_agents/
  11. "The worst offenders..... However, there are a fair few horror shows on the list as well. If you bought in Brighton last year, motivated by the coastal views, and afternoons on the pier, then you probably don't care (too much) that prices fell a whopping 14.4%" http://www.lovemoney.com/news/the-property...?source=1000020 At least we have green shoots now!
  12. Quite the opposite in my experience. Was having some sushi down Preston Street 3 weeks ago and at 8.00pm on a Saturday night(busiest night of the week), it was empty. In fact 2 restaurants (Chinese and an Indian) did not have one person in them. Have just been for a wonder up to Waitrose and have noticed 3 businesses in the process of closing or closed in the last week. Platinum letting agents has gone, the shop that sells the dog/cat accessories(surprise!surprise!) is closing and the large £1 type store next to Taj is closing. The last 2 have not even been open for a year! Houses are selling at realistic prices. A friend of mine has sold their flat in 10 days for £275,000 was valued at £330,000 in 2007.
  13. Looks like the book's price is going in the same direction as house prices..... 17 British Pence.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0...ref=ed_oe_h_olp
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