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  1. Well folks, it's nearly august, and the politicians are about to leave westminster for two and a half months. What will the press do for news? Enter the "silly season"... The British public are very prone to what they read, especially in the tabloids. Often in the summer lull, in desparation for something to print, the press come up with all sorts of things they wouldnt print at other times, irrespective of how believeable or credible the story might be. Could this be an opportunity for them to start saying what some parts of the public dont want to hear? House price crashes? Recession? Los
  2. Sadly I dont think anyone will be particularly remembered for calling the future of the housing market. Not that I would particularly crave any credit - I'd just be satisfied with the outcome of a crash - affordably housing again. But worse than the folk who "got it right" being forgotten, the folk who "got it very badly wrong" will also be forgotten. I doubt that the VIs will be criticised or discreditted or sacked, and there probably wont be any public backlash for VIs stoking the fires that caused the problem. We'll get the same [email protected] from them in a few years time once the worst is over -
  3. Easy access to the Elephant & Castle Shopping Center
  4. SOCIALIST parties have historically tended to the LEFT, and FASCIST parties have traditionally tended to the RIGHT. This does not however disallow any mixing of the two (e.g. right leaning socialists, left leaning fascists). Socialism (and I means true MARXIST socialism, not "New Labour") is the Ideological opposite to Fascism. From 1923 "The Doctrine of Fascism" (wrongly attributed to Mussolini - it was actually ghostwritten by Fascist Philosopher Giovanni Gentile) ... Fascism [is] the complete opposite of... Marxian Socialism, the materialist conception of the history of human civilizatio
  5. Many of us here at HPC believe the fabled spring bounce will not happen this coming spring. But all the VI's are repeating the mantra "spring bounce is coming, spring bounce is coming". Both cannot be right. At what point will anyone be able to objectively say either "OK there was no serious spring bounce after all" or "Ok I admit, buyers did come back to the market and a serious bounce occurred"? To qualify a "bounce", I'd guess there would need to be some sort of scale (e.g. number of houses actually being sold, number of sales compared to this time last year etc.). What is the level of the
  6. - Raven Just who do you mean by "the left" or "lefties". You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about them. Just as "the right" covers abroad spectrum of political views from the mainstream to the extremes, so does the left - and the majority of each are not on the extremes. If you are referring to people who IYHO are "overly-politically correct thought-policers" then fine, defend your opinion. But just labelling them as "the left" is not fair on the many other normal rational fair people who just happen to have more left facing views than yourself. If you want to make a meaningfull discussion
  7. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1167726,00.html http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4186827.stm
  8. Allowing BBB back would not be so much "parole with rehabilitation" as "care in the community"
  9. Does it really make alot of difference where anyone was born? People at all corners of the UK are feeling the effects of the ridiculous house price inflation of the last few years, and as a result people all across the UK are (slowly) waking up the fact that big changes are ahead! I dont think that any "stingyness" based on sterotypes have or will influence people staying away from buying property. The prices are just plain unreasonable, regardless of ones freeness to spend money.
  10. Last summer, I heard from a friend that Labour constituencies were being told to get candidates finalized for last September. I was also told this is normal practise at the "Six months and counting" stage of elections. Those six months have nearly finished, and still no election - but doing this in September, for an election in May? Nine months seems a very long time... Who knows? We could still see a general election in march - nice and early before the brown stuff really starts hitting the fan with the economy.
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