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  1. No you're missing that Covid-19 is a flat track bully and tends to kill those who are already have impaired life expectancy. It wouldn't surprise me if at the end of the year the excess deaths number for 2020 is no more than 10,000.
  2. Average age of deaths in England and Wales is 78. 90%+ of fatalities have comorbidities. Most who die are in the were going to die soon category.
  3. Desperate sellers slash prices in battle to sell homes before coronavirus crisis sends prices plummeting by up to 16% - but agents warn deals are continually collapsing amid chaos over viewings https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8315081/Coronavirus-UK-Homes-flood-market-desperate-owners-battle-sell.html
  4. I can't visit my parent's home but I can visit a strangers if it is for sale. Shows where the government's priorities lie.
  5. IMO massive white elephant screw that has diverted resources that could have been devoted to sorting out PPE and testing.
  6. Well something is causing all these extra deaths in US. If it isn't coronavirus what is it?
  7. It's worth reading this Guardian article on the challenges of producing a Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccines development and manufacture has inherant risks get it wrong and you can do more harm than good. The article refers to the Cutler Incident where a mistake in polio vaccine productions led to 40,000 polio cases, paralysed 260 and killed 10.
  8. Poor Madrid fans coming to the UK and catching coronavirus.
  9. Lockdown has protected the young as the number of contacts they have has decreased. Not so for care home residents as they continue to be in contact with the care home staff.
  10. This does sound very promising. News this morning was Oxford team have partnered with AstraZeneca for production and have 100s of trial human patients with results expected late June.
  11. For all those idiots claiming that this pandemic is still within the bounds of normal seasonal flu outbreaks please study this chart.
  12. PMQ is natural terratory for Stammer and ex-barrister. Outside of that environment agree he's dull and lacks charisma.
  13. Thanks for saying I'm currently out of work (pre-lockdown) redunancy. Fortunately, we are sensible with our outgoings so we have no immediate financial pressures but not everyone is so lucky. My wife is a doctor and she is becoming embarrassed by the placing of NHS workers on a pedestal as heroes. Most NHS just want adequate PPE, access to tests and to be left to get on with their jobs. I understand your comments and I fear there will be an angry backlash directed at the NHS for not doing enough. The real target needs to be the government for mismanagement.
  14. My haunch for a while is that R is very high with overall fatility low. If so letting it rip as long as it doesn't overwhelm the health system is the way to go.
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