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  1. As deaths stats are deaths 28 days after a positive test suspect it will be 3 weeks of flat deaths and then they will plummet.
  2. That's the contention made by Dr Craig and others that there are variations in the daily positive rates that could be down to cleaning cycles.
  3. Keep up with it all the focus is now on Switzerland not Sweden.
  4. Looks like the reason for the Far East been not badly affected is turning out to be prior immunity from coronaviruses in the resident bats. 2 more SARS-Cov-2 like visuses have been isolated in Cambodian and Japanese bat's.
  5. Ironically we're not seeing any coverage of protest in Paris against new security laws that make the filming of police illegal and after the violent dismantling of a refugee camp.
  6. A family equine business destroyed by an overreaction to foot and mouth. You don't have much compassion.
  7. It will all come out in the inevitable public inquiry how the models were sexed up to justify lockdowns.
  8. So they should never have been built in the first place. If they couldn't staff them why build them? If not for PR was it for the financial gain of those involved?
  9. There you have the problem. The supporting information, the methodology, the assumptions are not in the open and are not subject to review. This is not science its a pervertion dressed up as science for political and financial gains.
  10. Your heartlessness is unbelievable. The alzheimers society are immensely concerned about the damage caused by isolation to the cognitive ability and mental health of people with dementia. Lockdown’s side effect: mental health deterioration of people affected by dementia, with third ‘giving up’ https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/news/2020-07-14/lockdowns-side-effect-mental-health-deterioration-people-affected-dementia-third
  11. Another example of how covid policy is destroying livelihoods and therefore lives.
  12. Only if they want to be isolated. If we'd have spent even a fraction of the billions wasted on test and trace we could have put extra resources into care homes.
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