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  1. Evans Cycles seeks new owner amid cash crunch https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45595144 Another pirate equity disaster.
  2. The Preacherman

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    House of Fraser pulls plug on website after warehouse dispute Retailer’s warehouse operator has stopped processing orders in dispute over payment https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/aug/15/house-fraser-pulls-plug-website-customer-complaints-warehouse-dispute-payments
  3. The Preacherman

    News from the coalface aka house builder inside info

    As per Grenfell Tower
  4. Poundland tycoon is forced to slash £2.5million off asking price of his £6.5million mansion after his own online estate agency failed to sell it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5708535/Poundland-tycoon-forced-slash-2-5million-asking-price-6-5million-mansion.html
  5. The Preacherman

    Carillion in Crisis

    Gidiot is to blame for being swayed by the construction industry lobbyists and splashing loads of money on infrastructure projects to allow the construction Ponzi to continue post Nu-Labour.
  6. The Preacherman

    Carillion in Crisis

    Another nasty business that screws its suppliers, cuts corners and has fingers in to many pays. The construction and facilitates industry is ripe for reform with: strictly enforced rules for tendering to prevent corruption proper policing of specification and regulations to ensure safety, quality and environmental efficiency. prevention of long supply chains where the main contractors subs to sub contractors and who then subs to sub-sub contractor who then employers a labour provider whose team are often working as contractors. Such an environment makes it difficult for anyone in the chain to take responsibility. The main contractors have gradually subbed everything so the staff that work for them don't get their hands dirty. This is true of FM now. The whole thing is liable to go pop if the order book drops or cost go up or a few contracts turn sour. Leaving high overheads of staff who wouldn't now what a shovel is.
  7. The Preacherman

    Carillion in Crisis

    Carillion had contracts to refurb tower blocks. Not sure if the cladding issue is somewhere in the mix. However, here is one example of a Carillion led screw-up over communal heating.
  8. Even Trump is now getting in on the act of dissing Nine Elms.
  9. The Preacherman

    Are Estate Agents getting younger?

    No it's just first time buyers are getting older.
  10. The Preacherman

    Carillion in Crisis

    Bail out time
  11. The Preacherman

    Universal Credit New Thread.complete Disaster.

    Grass the f**ker up then.
  12. For good quality jeans that last try Howies. Tend to be around the £70 mark. I have been buying them for years. Also I've found the Linea menswear at House of Fraser is good quality mid-priced clothing.
  13. Why don't they simplify the IR35 rules to something like if you work solely for one business for longer than 1 month you are employed by them and should be on payroll. As well as contractors this would scoop up Uber and others.
  14. The Preacherman

    Wakefield Academies Asset Stripped

    Former school headteacher jailed for stealing and having sex in his office http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2017-10-06/former-school-headteacher-jailed-for-stealing-and-having-sex-in-his-office/ This involves and academy. I'm not saying that no fraud takes place in LEA schools but there is a pack of supervision in Academies that the scale of the problems are more likely to get out of hand.

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