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  1. Like most people I love my mother dearly. She is a model citizen of the UK. She has worked hard throughout her life bringing up her children, working part-time when we were young and then full-time once we had all flown the nest. During her evenings she was a committed member of her community, giving her time to the Girl Guides as a District Commissioner and spending time making cakes and gossiping with the other like-minded ladies of our neighbourhood at the local Women's Institute. My mother has now since "retired" from her job and is now volunteering at the local hospital one day a week to "help out" once more to her community. She, however is not alone. There are now some 800 volunteers at our local hospital providing services from feeding the ill, to showing visitors around the vast complex that is the QA Hospital in Cosham, Portsmouth. Our local village and larger town is full of charity shops which receive beneficial rates in rent and also free goods as well as free labour in the form of retired persons such as my mother. How on earth is a commercial business going to compete with this? Am I wrong in thinking that my mother, all though selfless in her time and thoughts for her wider community, is in fact doing the young and her community harm. She is offering her time free as she is now in receipt of a generous pension and can afford to do so. How can a young person with no experience compete in getting a job when there are so many retired people willing to give their time up for free and with considerably more life experience? How can high street businesses survive against charities which have all of their costs provided for? Should we banish charity in this country for the next term of parliament? Will this help the deficit? Or am I just being selfish?
  2. From what I see of most of the staff at woolies, they tend to be female with young children. To be honest, I hope that they get to spend time with their children now rather than having to pass them on to some shite government "scheme". I'm old fashioned, Dad goes out to work, Mum looks after the kids, society and the child benefits from a stable family environment. Damn, shame that house prices are so high that all the family members have to go out to work to put a shitty roof over their heads - shame on the government and society as a whole.
  3. I'm sorry, but you all forget the advantages of underground living: "Protection against extreme weather patterns Underground houses offer extra protection against the anticipated increase in temperature extremes, high winds, hailstorms, tornados and hurricanes. They are also less affected by changes in outdoor air temperatures since temperatures inside an earth sheltered house are more stable. Additionally interior rooms are more comfortable and require less artificial control." Mmmmmmm conveniently forgot to mention flooding........DOH!
  4. I've been a lurker on this site for a while and I have learnt an enormous amount from the postings of others - thanks to all of you for your opinions and the information that you give freely. I know that a great deal of us feel that our legislators have caused a considerable amount of the pain that we now face. I'd be interested to know what laws/legislation people on this forum would want to implement so that we never reached this financial abyss again. As a starter to the discussion my law would be the enactment of giving an employee of a company the choice to be paid weekly or monthly instead of being forced by a company/bank to a monthly payment. In my view the monthly payment has been perpetrated by the banks to give them a hold over their customers i.e. less cost for them to process the transfer of funds and greater probability that the customer will overspend on a month basis and require them to use an overdraft facility. Your views would be appreciated.
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