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  1. Not a lot moving here, so 20% off to start with would be sensible, imho. On our street a house (4 bed end terrace) on the market in 2007 at £240k eventually went for £160k last year, so the longer you wait, the more affordable things should get. Regarding students lets, we have one next door and they haven't been too bad (less noisy than the seemingly deaf bloke next door). Re letting to students its worth checking whether the changes in student funding may reduce that market - there have been some bits in the press about that. Specifically regarding the area: - most of the terraced houses only have back yards rather than gardens - so that may or may not be an issue in case a family was being planned. - parking can be a problem, with an influx each day from people working in town and using the railway station. The council are also slowly expanding the parking zones from the city centre which just compounds the problem for areas still with free on-street parking. - conservation area is currently being expanded to include many of the terraced streets near the station so obtaining PP will be an issue in the future.
  2. oops I'm posting garbage - those amounts quoted, related to the funding of the previous purchase of the property (www.taib.com/images/pdf/sanctuary_building.pdf)
  3. According to the interweb, LLOY lent £120m for the Sanctuary Buildings deal: PURCHASE PARAMETERS Amounts in £ COSTS Agreed Purchase Price: 143,000,000 Purchase Costs 5.67% 8,105,000 Investment Banking Fees 2,145,000 Placement Fee 1,050,000 TOTAL ACQUISITION PRICE 154,300,000 SOURCES Tranche A of Loan (Lloyds TSB)* 60,000,000 Financing charge 5.62% Tranche B of Loan (Lloyds TSB) 60,000,000 Financing charge 5.75% Rent in advance 1,400,000 INVESTORS FUNDING 32,900,000 TAIB (49%) 5,831,000 DCD (51%) 6,069,000 TAIB Investors 21,000,000 TOTAL SOURCES OF FUNDS 154,300,000
  4. There are quite a few ways round this though - eg setup a property holding company, an 'SCI'. The company owns the property, and shares in the company itself are then owned by whoever you want to inherit the property (eg bypassing children and favouring grandchildren) You can do things such as reduce inheritance tax liability by annually increasing your ownership of the SCI etc.
  5. If you don't know the Title Number for the property you can do a SIM which is free (wow!). Once you have that you can get the registered owner as Sarah says. If the property hasn't changed hands in a while (1990 ish) it may not be be registered at all and if that is the case the LR won't help - you'll have to do some other detective work...
  6. Prob wood gas generation - gasification .... was used in WWII when oil was scarce: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas_generator
  7. Don't get anything from their homepage - however if you google it (think I'm using google.co.uk) it should return a link to their online banking pages (listed under sign on). You should be able to get to online banking direct from there... (if you trust google & me!) Link should be something like https://olbx.nationet.com (thats working cos there are obviously different routes to nationet.com than to nationwide.co.uk)
  8. Have transferred current account recently from Barclays to Nationwide - all went relatively smoothly (ie Nationwide sorted out my direct debits - I didn't have to do anything) Details here: http://www.nationwide.co.uk/current_accoun..._nationwide.htm
  9. No probs - eg from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/government Origin: 1350–1400; ME < OF governement. See govern, -ment where -ment in that case refers to http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=-ment a suffix of nouns, often concrete, denoting an action or resulting state (abridgment; refreshment), a product (fragment), or means (ornament). [Origin: < F < L -mentum, suffix forming nouns, usually from verbs]
  10. No - ment is this case is a prefix anglicised from the latin -mentum, used when forming nouns from verbs (eg in this case government, statement, entertainment etc). -mens however is latin for mind & is the basis of english words such as mental
  11. <lurk off> Its posted on the (flaky) Nationwide website here: http://www.nationwide.co.uk/intermediaries...rates280308.htm <lurk on>
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