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  1. Im currently working on a new build site. The cheapest 2 bed 'executive apartments' were originallly up for £152k. I've just had a look on rightmove and they are now around £125k. This is one of the big four builders.
  2. unfortunately money talks. there are people at all different stages of their career so knowledge speed quality varies with experience. Times change, new techniques and methods are developed. get over it. I learnt basic carpentry at school. does that mean im part qualified?!
  3. Thats quite interesting. My company are currently working on this: http://www.homein.org/page.jsp?id=930
  4. I'm 'House bashing' on a big development in Aylesbury. Apparently Laing O'rouke are not going ahead with thier 2nd phase. From the signs I have seen since the turn off the year new builds are being hit hard (tighter prices for subcontractors, work at snails pace compared to 6 months ago, sentiment).
  5. Thanks for the advice. Eventually I want to have my own company; I'm self employed at the moment but that just means i pay less tax and NI contributions. Im going to gain more skills, knowledge and contacts for a few years 1st. Its in the thames valley area. Getting the sack may suggest I have done wrong or I am a bad worker. I mean 'You will always keep your job if your good at it.' This was not the case, I'v been told I will get a call as and when they need me but dont wait around (Which I wasn't planning to do!)
  6. HPC is here. I'v got a weeks notice to work on a new build Taylor Wimpey site. Work has close to stopped. This followings last weeks announcement of a 5% reduction in payments to sub-contractors. Also yesterday Taylor Wimpey held company wide meetings to announce its cost cutting initiatives to all employees (mainly effecting the bonus scheme with some peoples salary down up to 20% over the year).
  7. Im an electrician mainly working in the thames valley area on new builds (exec apart etc) for national builders such as Barrats, Taylor Wimpey, Durkan, Marshals. There doesnt seem to be any serious change in workload. With rumours of a 4 year (2500 units) site starting early next year, along with various other smaller (20-100 units) sites and ongoing working. A friend is a surveyor working for one of the above builders. On one of his sites they had layed foundations to build £500k detached houses. The building plans were later revised to 2 semi-detached houses. This was because the builder thought the £500k asking price would be too high in current climate(are they predicting HP falls?!?!). Over the past few years I'v had contact with quite a few 'invesment' btlers. £240k for a 2 bed exec apart. in watford made me laugh. "oh look its got a en-suite bathroom with combined toilet shower and sink."
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