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  1. Update for anyone interested. The house has been repossessed, her indoors contacted the bank who confirmed this. On explaining our situation (i.e. would have bought the house before repo) and requesting information on how to make an offer the bank stated "they had no current plans for marketing the house". Gonna chance a letter to the bank head office and see what comes out of that, show we have a mortgage in principle and make an offer.
  2. Yep - got it in 1. I want this house but have no idea how to go about making an offer. Guess I'll have to wait until the property appears via an estate agent or in an auction. Ah well, strange times indeed.
  3. Hello, long time lurker looking a bit of advice. I recently viewed a house and was interested in making an offer however the EA informed me he was having difficulties contacting the vendor. I was able to contact the vendor directly (a friend of a friend knows him ) and he informs me that after having the house on the market for so long he had to return the keys to the bank and he is awaiting a decision from them as to how the disposal will be arranged. He tells me that he will keep me informed. I've already been to LPS and know who the lender is (AIB). The house is 20% below RV and it was on the market for 40K less than the vendor paid. Anyone any experience of approaching a bank directly? Who do AIB usually market their repo's with?
  4. Dusted


    Long time lurker... We bought our house in 1997, three bed semi, garage with a small garden. I've been overpaying for a quite a few years and only have about 3 years mortgage payment left at current rates. Due to family circumstances we now need a bit of extra space, have an 18month old child and 'er indoors wants a room for some reflexology she does from home at the moment in the spare bedroom which isnt ideal. The garden is also a big factor in that we want a bit more space for the wee one. We have had the house on the market from last August (145K) and have dropped the price to a level which we think is currently reasonable (115K) given that we want to keep a sensible difference between the price we sell at and the price of larger (sensibly priced) 4 bedroom houses. We are interested in a turnkey 4 bed new build at 155K. Doing the figures if we sell at the asking price and purchase at the selling price our new mortgage would be about 2X my salary. We havent had a viewer since the house was put on the market but have had 3 in the last month (we dropped the price around 3 months ago). Yesterdays viewer fell in love with the house and offered the wife 106K after about 10 minutes. She is coming back tomorrow to have another look. Ideally we would like £110K and I think we will get that. The house we are looking at is at least 6 months away from completion so we will be renting for the next while. Basically I need a bit of moral support, I love this house but it is time to move for the family, however, I am naturally cautious and dont want to make the jump if the market is about to rise again. We havent made an offer on the new build and dont want to be left in the situation where we have lost out because of market moves. Is this the right time to sell? What would you do? I think(know) by selling I'm doing the right thing but hey a bit of support goes a long way... Dusted oh the new format stinks imo
  5. Joyce are closing offices in both Lurgan and Banbridge as reported in this weeks Lurgan Mail.....
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