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  1. Like this thread is the first draft of Crime and Punishment ..... get over yourself Mr Gogol - oh and make your mind up you dithering dimwit
  2. I am a bull and remain so, the problem with the boringly bearish miserable myopic muppets on this site have convinced themselves of only one outcome. You fail to acknowledge the pent up demand. The restricted lending will be coming to an end in a few weeks and it'll be lift of for the autumn . The fundamentals of the economy are sound, inflation is low as are interest rates and unemployment, when the lenders realise what an opportunity to grab market share the current slowdown presents those not restricted by persistent pessimistic prognostication will be in to make another killing (at the expense of bears, again ). If I were you I'd save the $10 for a deposit you're gonna need it if you don't want to be paying rent to a bull forever
  3. Mik ... building lego forts whilst indulging in onenism cannot be called 'running an engineering company' .... please I've given you a link so you can understand the difficult word in the sentence ... Just remember you can rub it as much as you like but you wont get it to shine
  4. Sorry, I've been busy - Mr Flop (he's anything but) needed some special attention to make up for the lack of steak. You guys make me laugh - my first post was obviously tongue in cheek- I even put in a Gavin and Stacey quote there's tidy so take a chill pill and do what I'm gonna do ... Open a bottle of chilled And remember DON'T PRONOUNCE THE T..................proles
  5. Thanks very much for your kind thoughts you two, and I would check out asda as you suggest ... but its full of poor people like mik-m666 so I'll stick to Waitrose (I'm sure the plastic can take a bit more punishment ). Well excuse me scuuzeme seems like your bitter because you've had to pay an estate agent for a job you can't do - just remember when the market picks up and you do take the plunge again (probably an upgrade to an ex council flat in tower hamlets) you'll have to pay again
  6. Thanks for the sympathy ... you obviously don't have to go home and explain to your husband why he's not having his Friday steak night. You cant blame this current mess on us estate agents - if you lot were willing to pay the asking price we'd kept marking them up. You've only got yourselves to blame - if you could only took a more positive attitude I think we could pull ourselves out of this slump. Heres an idea for you - stop spending all your time bleating on the internet and get out and earn a bit more money, maybe then you could afford to get on the ladder.
  7. Yea thanks FP - just been told to clear my desk (I wouldn't lie to you) I wish that Scottish wind bag would stop talking the market down - We were selling houses by the boat load before he piped up in the South Wales Evening Post :angry:
  8. Thanks for that you f!cking creep - last time I go out with you, you small time loser I might be a bit of an asshole but at least I stand my round, tightwad - oh and buy the way I did shag your wife, I didn't have the heart to tell you as she was a crap shag (she had a fanny like a bear trappers hat.......eugghh) Call me at work again and I come round and shag your daughter - f!ckwit :angry:
  9. Oooo a light hearted post in a light hearted thread, what a naughty boy.
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