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  1. Sub prime loans again. This time cars. Should lead to some decent value for money in the secondhand market over the coming years. How much have these sales contributed to national GDP figures throughout the world ? http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaellingenheld/2015/01/28/the-next-subprime-crisis-auto-loans/
  2. "However with the economic slowdown in China affecting the overseas student market, developers are eyeing up the possibility of providing similar shared apartments for non-students." London is going off a cliff. Finally.
  3. The only secrecy is around the person who initially wrote the protocol and code of Bitcoin and then published it all publicly. You or anyone else can scrutinise that code and protocol to your hearts content. People are free to run the code and protocol as stands or fork and modify both - as many have done, to create your own separate blockchain and hence own separate currency, distinct
  4. Same as me. I'm not PatientlyWaiting to be able to afford a house, I am PatientlyWaiting for anything like value for money. Increasingly likely I will just take my money elsewhere probably Ireland once the current batch of repos has returned their prices back down to something sensible for their economic conditions and supply levels.
  5. I'll take my funds to Ireland to assist them in their recovery then, once the knife has hit the ground. Done waiting here.
  6. Investors are lining up to fund an outbid against Sky for the premium content. They use profits from many other activities to crowd out anyone else from competing in satellite TV broadcasting. Much the same as Microsoft in desktop OS market.
  7. Fair enough but which does IT choose ? You are now carrying your new born and partner back from the maternity ward in your driverless car - which does it choose ? Keep firmly in mind that YOU are paying for the car at this point (either renting like a taxi or bought outright). Driverless cars are going to go the same way as telecommuting did - when the people paying for the technology lose control - adoption is minimal.
  8. Your driverless car is travelling along a single lane carriageway at 50mph. Child steps out in front of car - choice is swerve left to avoid child and hit lamppost at whatever speed it has managed to scrub, swerve right into oncoming traffic to avoid child or hit child. Which choice does this driverless car take ? Who is liable for the death that results ?
  9. The building of flats above the stores is an interesting development. Personally I've no interest in such a property but if the "big 4" start driving down supplier prices, I will be very happy with the knock effects ;0)
  10. I've used petrolprices.com since it started, monitoring three postcodes (two in Portsmouth) and one towards Winchester. Rarely, if ever, during all that time have Sainsburys been cheapest - they are normally second or third cheapest, with first place taken by Asda almost exclusively and Esso occasionally. Not by major amounts for much of the time but at the rate I consume petrol, it all adds up.
  11. I'll second that observation. It is heaven. I frequently visit between 6pm and 7pm on a random day or two Mon to Thurs ... Few, if any, kids screaming and running around, plenty left on shelves - with discounted cakes as they lead up to their 8pm closing, barely any other shoppers and those that are there are calm, considerate and well mannered. The local Asda at the same times is like a UN refugee camp, polluted with copious amounts of the worst examples of British white chavdom. The swearing and inappropriate discussions overheard ... wow. The placed is rammed and those in attendance are some of the most discourteous people you will have the displeasure to meet. The Southsea Waitrose is excellent for the occasional posh MILF spotting session alongside your shopping session. Though you pay double for your shopping for that level of breeding ;0)
  12. Imagine what will happen when ISIS et al realise how effective attacking our politicians and other "elites" could be in building support. The IRA got it eventually.
  13. "only" ? French revolutionist says "Non" I wonder if the latest Citigroup Wealth Investment reports are advising investment in the manufacturers of pitchforks, guillotines, nooses ... after all, if that soulless "human" doesn't tell them where to put their wealth then someone else will. All profit is good right ? Profiting from the killing of the 99% was fine, so I assume profiting from the killing of the 1% is fine too.
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