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  1. If things get that bad then a house isn't going to protect your money either.
  2. As good as useless? Have you seen the safe returns elsewhere? lol. Premium bonds still offer the best safe return if you've got several thousand or more in there.
  3. It's also something that could have been done while we were still in the EU for non-EU citizens but didn't. I suspect this may never become law in it's current form.
  4. I go past this house in the morning in Old Catton. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-59239166.html Saw it being done up and that it was for sale now... £500k wtf.
  5. I'd second that. Tim Harford's books are all good imo.
  6. Regular: custodian 99999 : 1 or something similar. Banks have to pretend to give things away to get people to pay already - you want people to pay for something they don't (and don't want to) understand?
  7. I'm surprised it took so long for zero hours to get into the press, however, they are already behind the game. People on zero-hour contracts are being forced out and replaced by 'self-employed' workers - often on less than NMW. I know a hire car driver this happened too - they were on a zero hours contract but got decent hours. The whole delivering cars aspect was outsourced. The outsourcing company gave then virtually no hours and brought in 'self-employed' people on piecework instead- £5.50 for delivering a car that could take 1.5hrs or more to get there and back for example. Then deduc
  8. afaik there's no legal limit to the amount of personal debt you can have. If people want to lend you the money you're free to borrow it. Whether it's a good idea or not is a different question obviously.
  9. These people can afford (or would buy) organic produce? Would they grow their own? I'm sure some do/would but I would guess at less than 5%.
  10. These people seem to suggest that it's not necessary (but then, they are selling landlord referencing services...) http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/blog/2011/04/20/the-data-protection-act-1998-ico-questions-answers/ Various landlord related forums/sites seems to suggest that informing companies like this is the way to go with bad tenants - sounds on dodgy legal ground to me though without written consent, which may be in the tenancy agreement. However, I'm neither landlord or tenant.
  11. Why not look at Norway? One of the highest compliance rates with EU mandates... but not part of the EU. You think they would treat troublemakers like us any differently? We need the EU and the EU needs us (to keep paying).
  12. 2nd class status = 1st class choice? What a laugh. Without influence over the EU decision making process they can get us to do whatever they like - and we haven't the economic clout on our own to change it. I doubt there'll be any commonwealth trade area or similar either, so, is the choice to be the 51st state? If so, EU all the way! Leaving the decision making part of the EU would be the worst thing we can do, in fact, we should be a little more accommodating (and just ignore/not enforce rules we don't like - the way everyone else does). Our government is acting like a spoil brat due t
  13. Except business rates are passed on to central government.
  14. Why would councils shoot themselves in the foot by reclassifying BTL as for business rates? (assuming it's even possible). Council's don't keep business rates, they pass them on to central government. From wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_rates_in_England_and_Wales
  15. These are people who kept their cars for 10+ years before trading them in. Why would many of them sell them at the first hint of an MOT?
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