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  1. Slide Rule ! you are showing your age now. 90% of the people on this site will have never seen one.
  2. Poor sod i hoped he would win,It would have giving impetus to more people to have a go at our outdated planning system.
  3. In the UK they do not advertise the case,that you can negotiate the debt down ,many time the bank or building society will settle for about 10% of the outstanding debt
  4. But if 1% or 2% of this land was allowed to be developed ,think what a dramatic effect on houses prices would be.
  5. Have you been uo in a plane recently nothing but fields even in the south east,only 10% of England is built on.
  6. Poor buggers are already on a downer without wing-nut turning up
  7. In the past when selling property i have asked the agent to put the price of the property on the board ,they have always been very reluctant,As far as i am concerned it works, it is no secret and sometimes people can be pleasantly surprised if it is a good deal,and then it just saves the nosy a phone call.
  8. Why? we already pay income tax and vat and fuel duty, Council Tax should come out of central funds.
  9. And you will properly get to share a prison cell with him.In the PC UK you know where the authorities sympathies will lie
  10. I believe we can only sustain about 40 to 45 million
  11. Wrong you can negotiate the debt down to about 10% of the debt for a full and final payment ,and the debt is cleared depending on the lender,I cleared a debt with the then National Provincial outstanding £46000 they settled for £3400 this was about 15 years ago
  12. Financial advisor's in my experience know a lot less than people on this site ,the only thing they do know with any certainty is which product pays the highest commission.
  13. Looks like it will be a bad day for gold.
  14. I belive you now have to have at least 60sq mtr of aminity space,I am doing a appeal at present on a site of 165 sq mtr for a small bungalow of 50 sq mt and the LPA say this is overdevelopment.
  15. You sad inadequate immigrant dribble down with your mail order bride who has never contributed anything to UK PLC. I would rather live in a trailer park in Alabama than be within 50 miles of benefit scum like you.
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