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  1. The other half traded a 12 year old micra on the scpapage deal and got a new diesel smart car £79 per month for 3 years then option to buy, Free road tax ,85 miles to the gall £15 per month to insure and nice to drive, cheep as chips.beats walking
  2. The state pays, if it still exists plus if i make 81 i do not think i will give a [email protected]
  3. Buy a gold coin every month or two buy the time you retire you should have 200oz of gold,cash one in every month after you are 65 should keep pace with inflation and they cannot be means tested. two billion chinks and Indians cannot all be wrong.
  4. Because Big Brother now monitors your travel abroad logs you in logs you out
  5. Sounds good sack all teachers ,stick the kids in front of a screen ,with a ex Sargent Major at the back for discipline
  6. I remember buying in 1996 and having loads of choice, and saying to the estate agent i would just be happy if after 3to5 years i could get my money back,never mind a profit
  7. Try Wythenshawe plenty to rent there,take your own gun and devil dog!
  8. Disagree about land prices falling,Paid £3300 an acre in 2006 I have just had a unsolicited offer of £7000 per acre
  9. You have never lived in Spain in the winter,weather can be worse than the UK its not always sunny.
  10. Somebody has spiked you sauce.
  11. Not a chance of a rate rise.
  12. She looks like a PIKEY about to tell a fortune- hers [email protected] unless she stands to inherent a fortune from aged parents.
  13. [email protected] full of over paid useless [email protected] ,scrap the BBC it full of repeats. The license fee is taxation without representation and the UK is already a crap-hole full of the parasite crap from all over the world.
  14. And you are so Superior what are you a different species
  15. You have not had a 32% return on your gold till you sell it,and your 5 analog channels will be tuned off within 12 months ,sorry to [email protected]@ on your chips.
  16. If work ,employment was so good the rich would keep it all for then selves
  17. It is not a win win to a government thats is doing every thing in its power to maintain high house prices.
  18. The most concerning thing in this article is the gov dept got a search warrant while they were on holiday.This raises various questions such as ,how did they know they were on holiday ,why would a magistrate give a search warrant?This realy is a police state
  19. I really like that phrase Freedom to be Poor thats what we have lost in this country, while you breath there is always somebody squeezing cash out of you
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